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After talking so much about Netflix and other streaming services, we can’t ignore Amazon Prime. Renowned for its vast collection of films and TV shows, some of its best exclusives have something to do with crime. From following a shipment of drugs to hunting down Nazis, you see both sides of crime with an Amazon Prime VPN from Liberty Shield.

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Watch Hunters with an Amazon Prime VPN

Most people don’t like Nazis. For all the atrocities they committed, Nazis are one of the most popular antagonists in film and TV. Inspired by true events (but is still fiction), Hunters follows a young Jewish man named Jonah Heidelbaum (Logan Lerman) and his story in 1977 New York. He continues his grandma’s legacy of hunting down any remaining Nazis with the help of Meyer Offerman (Al Pacino). The series also looks into Operation Paperclip, a secret US program to bring around 1600 former Nazi scientists to work for the US during the Cold War.

With Al Pacino in the cast, there is violence involved. From the first episode, the series sets a violent tone throughout the 10-episode arc. The opening scene of the series depicts a Nazi known as The Butcher executing innocent families (including his own) to keep his identity a secret. The anger in Meyer is justifiable, as he is a holocaust survivor. He, along with the other hunters, would happily torture a suspected Nazi in revenge for what happened to him and others. For them, the war never ended.

However, conflict arises between Jonah and the other hunters. Jonah doesn’t have that thirst for revenge, as he wasn’t born during the holocaust. In the beginning, we see Jonah has a hesitation the other hunters don’t have. As the show goes on, Jonah tries to find the line between necessary violence and becoming the thing they’re fighting against. Whilst he is determined to bring Nazis to justice, he still raises some questions. Is there a line for vengeance? Is vengeance justified under the guise of seeking justice? The series never quite gives an answer, leaving it up to the viewers.

This series portrays the atrocities of the Holocaust respectfully, whilst blending dark comedy with over-the-top violence. With excellent acting and more pummelling of Nazis arriving in season 2, you can watch Hunters season 1 now with an Amazon Prime VPN.


Watch ZeroZeroZero with an Amazon Prime VPN

Drugs, the Mafia, and risks go hand in hand when you want to create something truly suspenseful. Based on the book of the same name, this 8-episode arc follows a shipment of 5000KG of cocaine all across the world. Smuggled in as sardine cans, the drugs find themselves in three locations. The supplies are from Mexico; the buyers are in Italy and the brokers are in the USA. By involving three different mafias in this international trade, many problems occur.

From the beginning, everybody involved has an established motive, linking to their desperation to fix their circumstances. The Italian mafia buying the drugs is the ‘Ndrangheta, led by Don Minu La Piana (Adriano Chiaramida). He needs the drugs to keep his political standing amongst the mafia against his ambitious grandson. In the US, the Lynwood family needs this heist to clear their $31 million dollars debt. Through the suppliers in Mexico, we see a different aspect of why people get involved in drugs. They want power. Someone perfectly seen this through is Manuel (Harold Torres), who probably transforms more than any other character in this thriller from the power he possesses.

There are more circumstances that make up this crime drama, but it is best if you watch it for yourself. With excellent acting, fight choreography and plot weaving in each factions’ story into this one massive heist, you won’t regret watching ZeroZeroZero with an Amazon Prime VPN.


Watch The Boys with an Amazon Prime VPN

What would happen if superheroes stopped caring about saving lives and became celebrities instead? Well, that is explained through The Boys. Based on the comic book written by Garth Ennis, The Boys see superheroes being owned and marketed as a product by mega-corporation Vought International.

Amongst all of this, there is a superhero civil war between The Seven and The Boys. William “Billy” Butcher (Karl Urban) is the anti-superhero leader of The Boys who has a personal vendetta against the leader of The Seven, John/ Homelander (Anthony Starr). The Seven are the best heroes, but in reality the fame has corrupted them to be narcissistic douchebags. This is the harsh reality newcomer Annie January / Starlight (Erin Moriarty) faces, along with the audience.

The micromanagement from the mega-cooperation is terrifying. From making false relationships between the heroes to deciding what they wear, the heroes have no say. We all wish superheroes were real, but this is one of the most likely outcomes out there if superheroes were to exist. What’s worst is that despite most of the heroes being corrupt, there are genuine heroes who suffer underneath The Seven and Vought International. An example of this is when Starlight is forced into a more revealing costume and bullied into doing so by Homelander.

This is the darkest part of being a superhero, breaking the ideal superhero fantasy we’ve seen before. It’s superheroes gone bad and honestly; we need a show like this. When something gets popular, it goes corporate, and this is a scary reminder of that fact.

You can watch The Boys season 1 and 2 with an Amazon Prime VPN.


Where can I watch Amazon Prime with a VPN?

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