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A Spectacle of Song: Eurovision 2023 Final Line-Up Confirmed

The lights are set, the stage is ready, and the microphones are, presumably, being thoroughly sanitised. Yes, the Eurovision Song Contest, a glitzy explosion of music, culture, and inexplicable outfits, is back. The line-up for this Saturday’s grand finale has been confirmed following a nail-biting semi-final on Thursday. 26 nations are now sharpening their vocal cords, polishing their sequins, and gearing up to compete for that crystal microphone, the shining beacon of Eurovision glory. And where will this musical melee be hosted? Why, right here on our very own island, courtesy of 2022’s victors, Ukraine.

A Historic Night for the UK

The grand final, slated for 2000 BST on Saturday, will be broadcast live from the illustrious Liverpool Arena, right on BBC One. It’s an exciting moment for us Brits as it marks the first Eurovision Song Contest on UK soil in a quarter of a century. And thanks to the BBC iPlayer, viewers can enjoy every dramatic note and flamboyant costume change from the comfort of their own homes.

Watch Eurovision 2023

Eurovision is not a light affair. Over 160 million viewers across the globe are predicted to tune into the 2023 final. Here in the UK, our coverage will be helmed by a familiar face, Graham Norton, alongside Hannah Waddingham, Alesha Dixon, and Ukrainian singer Julia Sanina. With the added benefit of LibertyShield VPN, even those outside the UK can enjoy the BBC’s comprehensive coverage, ensuring they don’t miss a single sequin or soaring high note.

If you fancy soaking up the atmosphere in person, a special fan zone accommodating up to 25,000 people is being set up at Liverpool’s Pier Head, a stone’s throw away from the arena. The city is set to be alive with submarine parades and simultaneous raves in both Liverpool and Kyiv.

Who’s Made It to the Final?

The victors of Tuesday’s semi-final included a diverse range of nations from Croatia to Finland, and Israel to Switzerland. Sadly, the likes of Ireland and The Netherlands missed out on a spot in the grand finale. Thursday brought another wave of qualifiers, with countries such as Australia, Belgium, and Estonia making the cut.

Standing for the UK will be the effervescent Mae Muller, the first female Eurovision entrant for the country in half a decade. Born in 1997, the year of the UK’s last Eurovision victory, she has previously toured with Little Mix, proving she knows her way around a pop song.

An Unexpected Honour for the UK

So, why is the UK playing host this year? Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra claimed victory in 2022 with their song ‘Stefania’. But due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, hosting this year’s event was not feasible. As Sam Ryder, our UK contestant, was the runner-up in 2022, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) extended an invitation for the UK to host on Ukraine’s behalf.

The voting process for Eurovision is a complex beast, with the semi-finals decided purely by public vote. Each participating country has a jury that ranks all the final performances and awards points to their top 10 acts. These jury results are announced by each country during the night. Then, competing nations award points to other contestants based on viewer votes.

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