Does Using VPN Make Me Anonymous?

Depending on what you are using the internet for, a VPN can provide varying degrees of anonymity. Here’s our guide to staying anonymous whilst online.

For the everyday user, a VPN is simply a way to keep browsing activities private and to protect against data breaches or cybercriminals, but for those performing activism online or living under strict censorship laws, the stakes can be far higher.  This article will establish what level of security and anonymity a VPN can provide based on varying needs. Need to stay anonymous on the internet?

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VPNs only play a part in staying anonymous online

It is a known fact that VPNs contribute to providing more anonymity for online users, but what is that level of anonymity?  If you are looking to protect your browsing activity and make it private, then a VPN can easily provide you with that level of anonymity.  The nuance comes when we are speaking about the need to be 100% anonymous for various reasons, in which case a VPN may not be enough.  It is very difficult to completely hide your identity online with 100% certainty, as there are many things that can give it away, but who are we protecting ourselves against when we speak about anonymity?

The key area where anonymity is contentious is around the issue of government surveillance.  A VPN can keep your online activity private from your government, but for this reason, they are illegal in some countries.  In countries that have harsher censorship laws, governments do not allow for citizens to use anything that might prevent them from knowing what people are doing online; they wish to be able to track all browsing activity.  In these types of countries, some VPNs may be allowed if they are approved by the government, but this is usually because the government will still have access to activity while using it, which renders the VPN needless.

This is to say, a VPN will keep your browsing activity safe and protected against your internet service provider or websites trying to gather your data for monetary gain, but it does not guarantee 100% anonymity from your government, nor does it entirely mask your location from service providers, given that they can track this using email, card details, or phone GPS.

However, it is always more secure to operate with a VPN than without one.  Using a trustworthy and safe VPN provider such as Liberty Shield means that you can be sure to receive the best protection possible against data leaks.  Liberty Shield only collects the data that we absolutely need, and we do not share that data with any third party.  We also have strong encryption and leak protection, making it one of the safest VPNs you can use for anonymity.  Liberty Shield has top reviews on Trust Pilot, further exemplifying that we provide our customers with a top-class service.

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