The Best VPN for Watching BBC iPlayer from Anywhere – iPlayer VPN

BBC iPlayer and other UK TV streaming services have surged in popularity as a result of Covid-19 lockdowns and Brexit legislation. Need an iPlayer VPN?

BBC iPlayer is a very widely used service throughout the UK; it is a free streaming service for those with a TV licence where viewers can catch up on unlimited television and films that have been shown on BBC television channels. Fun Fact: ‘iPlayer VPN’ is one of the most searched phrases on Google!

Watch BBC iPlayer VPN Anywhere

UK viewers use the service to catch up on the wide range of dramas and films available, such as The Serpent, Killing Eve and Broadchurch.  Many of these television shows are not available on other networks, nor are they available on favourite streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime.  Furthermore, the iPlayer also allows you to stream live BBC television at any time of the day, so you can keep updated with your favourite TV shows in real-time from any device.

In the first week of 2021, the viewing time of the on demand streaming service BBC iPlayer amounted to in total over 536 million minutes. Watching content from this platform was most popular among tablet users. (

Unfortunately, those residing outside of the UK are not able to gain access to this service as it is blocked in every other country, meaning that many people are not able to gain access to it on a standard network.  If you try to stream live or catch-up television on the platform from another location in the world, you will find an error message regarding the geo-blocking that prevents those in other countries from watching.

However, this does not mean that you cannot access all of these great shows and films available – all you need is a virtual private network and you can access everything on this diverse platform from anywhere in the world.   The benefit of using a VPN for this site is that you can acquire a UK IP address from anywhere in the world, giving you full access to the content on the iPlayer to watch on any device.

BBC iPlayer VPN

What’s the best BBC iPlayer VPN?

There are certainly many options out there, and choosing from them might feel daunting.  Ultimately, you want a subscription that really gives you your money’s worth and is also easy to use. Liberty Shield will give you all of the online access that you need, not only to iPlayer but to other services not available in your countries such as Disney+ or American Netflix, and you can watch all of these on varying devices such as your phone, tablet or television.  Our service will give you the appropriate IP address for the UK, meaning that you are instantly able to stream any content that you wish.  What’s more, you can use our service for the first 48 hours completely free, so that you can check out the service and all of the perks before you subscribe.

Watch BBC iPlayer VPN TV Anywhere
BBC iPlayer Blocked Outside UK?

When you load BBC iPlayer in the USA, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal, Australia, Dubai, Canada etc. you will get an error message.

BBC iPlayer TV programmes are available to play in the UK only.

Watch BBC Sport outside UK

This is basically because their streaming services are geoblocked based on the IP address being used to access it. You must be a UK domestic web user to access BBC live tv streaming and catchup with BBC iPlayer.

  • Get a UK IP address.
  • If you just want to watch on your PC, Mac or iPad. Then you can get a UK Proxy or VPN from Liberty Shield from only £6.99 per month.
  • Prefer to watch on supported media streaming devices like Now TV, Smart TVs, Apple TV, Xbox, PS4, Amazon Fire TV, Roku etc? You’ll need a UK configured VPN Router setup as British for only £15.99 with Worldwide Shipping.


Furthermore BBC iPlayer isn’t the only geographically-censored streaming services a VPN or Proxy will allow you to access.  Other UK services like BBC Sport, ITV Hub, All 4, Sky Go and Now TV are available.

Plus with the option to switch to our USA service whenever you like, you can access Hulu, HBO GO, Netflix and Pandora. Essentially you can access international content from virtually anywhere!

Liberty Shield allows you to reap all of the benefits of having a VPN while also offering a 48 hour free trial alongside the service, so you can try out all of the features for yourself before committing to a subscription.  Furthermore, we offer support 365 days a year so that you can make the most of your subscription.