Trustpilot VPN Reviews – Liberty Shield Ranked No. 1

Liberty Shield is proud to be the Number 1 provider on Trustpilot VPN Reviews website.

With a score of 9.5 out of 10 from 150+ independent Trustpilot VPN reviews LibertyShield is delighted to be ranked in first place and ahead of our all our competitors.

Trustpilot VPN Reviews

What are Trustpilot VPN Reviews?

Danish company Trustpilot is an open community-based platform for sharing real reviews of shopping experiences and connecting online customers with the companies they buy from. With various categories available Liberty Shield is delighted to be ranked as the number one VPN service provider from all Trustpilot VPN Reviews (January 2017).

Whilst technology media reviews complimenting our service is valuable, nothing pleases us more than reviews from genuine customers of our VPN, Proxy and VPN Routers.

Major VPN Providers – Trustpilot Rankings (January 2017)

1. LibertyShield – TrustScore 9.5

2. StrongVPN – TrustScore 9.2

3. Anonymizer TrustScore 8.2

4. Hide My Ass – TrustScore 7.8

5. Tunnelbear – TrustScore 7.4

6. ExpressVPN – TrustScore 6.9

7. Overplay – TrustScore 4.9

8. IPVanish – TrustScore 4.7 

9. Goldenfrog / VyPr VPN – TrustScore 3.1

Please click here for the full list of Trustpilot VPN providers ranked in order of TrustScore.  Please note free VPN providers or companies that allegedly operate insecure networks and botnets such as Hola do not have a TrustScore for comparison purposes.

So how do you get Liberty Shield?
  • Get the best rated VPN service (Instant Delivery Online) – If you just want to use on your PC, Mac or iPad. Then you can get a VPN from Liberty Shield from only £6.99 per month.
  • Connect all your devices to a VPN – Prefer to encrypt all your technology devices or watch TV and movies on supported media streaming devices? Amazon Fire TV, Smart TV, Apple TV or Roku? You’ll need a USA configured VPN Router setup as American for only £12.99 with Worldwide Shipping.
  • Once you have a VPN or VPN Router you’ll be able to access blocked internet content from anywhere with total privacy.


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