Top 10 Reasons Every Internet User Must Use VPN

In an age of mass surveillance, and in a time when hacks and massive data leaks are becoming a feature of our daily news schedules, internet security has never been more important. That is why we present the Top Ten Reasons Every Internet User Must Use VPN.

Nothing to hide no longer means anything in an age where companies have no compunction selling your data to the highest bidder, or placing unreasonable limitations on your online freedoms. Read below to find out why you must use a VPN to protect yourself online in our Top 10 Reasons Every Internet User Must Use VPN.

Top 10 Must Use VPN

1. Stop Google tracking you – Must Use VPN

No matter how much you love Google for its “free” services, it knows everything about you. If you don’t take care of your privacy settings and browse the web casually, Google stores your every search, movement, activity, download, etc. Very often people end up facing troubles and embarrassment. Liberty Shield’s trusted VPN takes care of this problem.

2. Using BitTorrent – Must Use VPN

While most BitTorrent users use it for downloading movies and TV shows illegally from notorious torrent websites, some users use if for grabbing legal content. It’s a known fact that different ISPs don’t support torrent downloading in many regions. Using BitTorrent can also put you on the surveillance list of many governments and copyright organisations in some countries. To avert such situations, the use of VPN is essential.

3. Free VPNs are dangerous – Must Use VPN

A common saying in computer security is: if the service is free, then you are the product. That is – things cost money, and many free services need to make up their costs in other ways. Advertising is the most common money-making tool. But so is selling your data. Free VPNs come with restrictions as well. Slow speeds and bandwidth caps are two obvious limitations. This is normal for free services like that. What is worse is when a free VPN logs your browsing data, email address, and other personal information. And sells them to the highest bidder.

4. VPN is better than Tor – Must Use VPN

Tor is less anonymous than you might think. Tor itself admits this on its website. Although Tor encrypts your web connections once you’re on the onion network, third parties can still see where web traffic enters and exits the network. After that, it’s possible to connect the dots and identify your location.

5. Avoid geo-restrictions – Must Use VPN

Lots of us have been in this situation – you travel abroad on holiday or for business. You’re staying at an hotel when you decide you want to watch your favourite programs from back home. What a lot of people don’t realise is that most if not all streaming services are geo-blocked. That means you won’t be able to watch streaming channels like Hulu, HBO Go, or BBC abroad. VPN allows you to spoof your location online and avoid these geo-restrictions.

6. Use if you’re a researcher, whistleblower, activist or journalist – Must Use VPN

These are some of the scenarios where you can’t afford to browse the web without a good VPN service. In these cases, it’s in your personal interest to make your activity and device hidden to the government and your competitors. VPN allows you to manipulate your IP address, cloak your internet traffic, and perform your work without any risk.

7. Privacy Is a Basic Human Right – Must Use VPN

Privacy online and offline is a basic human right not because we have something to hide, but because it protects all people whether or not they have something to hide today. You don’t want your neighbour to spy on you, so why should a government or an Internet service be allowed to see and use your data for their own purposes?

8. Privacy Protects Minorities – Must Use VPN

Many governments already spy on their citizens to prevent political opposition. Even politicians in Western democracies are increasingly in favour of online surveillance, claiming that this would protect us from terrorist attacks. This is a worrisome development as the right to privacy is crucial when it comes to protecting people with uncommon political views. Autocratic systems around the world show us how dangerous it is to give up our right to privacy – not only for the people affected, but also for society as a whole: when self-censorship becomes the norm, true debate – essential to any democracy – becomes impossible.

9. Privacy Saves You Money and Privacy Means Safety- Must Use VPN

Companies use your data to show you personalised advertisements. Some people even say they like seeing ads they are interested in, but this form of advertisement is not just invasive, it is also very costly: from online tracking the advertising company knows exactly what you are looking for, and they know what you are willing to spend. Because of all the data they have accumulated about you and about lots of other Internet users matching your browsing profile, they will not show you the best deal available. Instead they will show you very targeted advertisements that will very likely make you pay more than you should have.

The Internet is a great place where we can share every idea freely. However, there are a lot of criminals active online, whose only goal is to steal your identity by gaining access to online accounts such as email, Paypal, or Facebook. It is important to keep your online identity secure and protect it from malicious attacks so that no one can use your accounts to steal money.

10. Companies Must Protect Privacy – Must Use VPN

The latest hacks are prime examples of how companies should not handle people’s data. Private information must always be securely encrypted so that a potential attacker has no chance of stealing the personal information of millions of people. Only VPN keeps you safe.


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