Liberty Shield – On The Way

2015 will see some big changes with our branding, as we switch from “UK Proxy Server” to “Liberty Shield”.

Existing customers don’t have to change a single thing to continue enjoying their access to IP addresses in any of the countries we cover, all the hard work is being done under the bonnet so to speak – just sit back and enjoy the ride!

Liberty Shield Logo Blue-01

Here’s a brief insight into why the time has come to make some changes…

When we started offering proxy server access for the UK back in 2008 we couldn’t have foreseen how within a few years the landscape of the industry would turn on it’s head and alongside Proxy we’d have as many if not more people subscribing to our VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Furthermore the product is now far from being UK centric and our USA and Irish solutions in particular are very popular indeed. We’ve also rolled out servers in Switzerland, Spain, Canada, New Zealand, France and Germany; and by the end of 2015 anticipate that our entire network will be upgraded to SuperFast Tier 2 status.

For the past 12 months we’ve been upgrading our server routing and network infrastructure country by country.  Once a country has achieved SuperFast Tier 2 status customers using a Proxy or VPN for the country should experience minimal (if any) drop-off on the internet speed they get from their local ISP.

So far SuperFast Tier 2 is available for the following Proxy and VPN connections: United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Spain

The United States of America has been a huge undertaking but we are in the final stages of beta testing and expect to announce a live launch at some stage in June 2015.

We will then give further consideration to a roll-out of Tier 2 in Canada, New Zealand, France and Hong Kong.

Our new website is also close to completion but for the time being please just continue to use until we add all those crucial finishing touches.

We’ve also been changing our social media websites and you start following us now on Facebook and Twitter.