Are You in The Category of People Who Must Use VPN?

There are certain kinds of people who must use a VPN, not only for their security and peace of mind, but in order, simply, that they live their life to its fullest potential. As Jerry Seinfeld might say: who are these people? Find out if you are one of them below. These people must use VPN. They are the must use VPN people. A very special category of individual.

Are VPNs for everybody? Arguably yes. But there are certain groups of people for whom VPNs are something more than essential. We call them the must use VPN people. Who are these people? Details below. Liberty Shield knows who they are, and has the exact product to make their lives better. Are you one of the must use VPN people?

must use VPN people

The first of the must use VPN people: TV fans. Streaming services are locked via I.P. addresses to their nations of origin. For example, if you want to watch BBC iPlayer outside the UK, you can’t. It doesn’t matter how nice you are or how long you’ve paid a TV license. You can’t do it. With Liberty Shield you can still access BBC iPlayer, for example, where you are, outside the UK. iPlayer is just an example. The same goes for all of the streaming services of the nations for which we offer VPN coverage, which is every major media producing nation. And you’re not restricted to one nation, with our U.S. service you can open up worlds of entertainment in that nation also. The same goes for every nation for which we provide coverage. If you are a TV fan, you’re one of the must use VPN people.

must use VPN people

Students and workers come under one particular subset of must use VPN people. If you go to university or college at a place that blocks access to certain sites, then it is necessary that you employ a VPN. The same goes for office, or other kinds of workers, for the internet is everywhere these days, that also block websites. These types of people are what we call must use VPN people, they are a special category of individual that must use these services. If a student or worker does not wish their freedom curtailed at work, or college/university a VPN is essential to access those sites that are forbidden in that workplace or educational institution. They can use a VPN to unlock these sites, and they should; they are decidedly must use VPN people.

must use VPN people

Expats are another of our must use VPN people. One of the other major reasons for employing a VPN as an expatriate is security. The truth is with the manifold threats out there to everybody’s net security a VPN is always a good idea, but the threats grow exponentially larger in countries that you’re not as intimately familiar with; especially those without a rigorous tradition of the rule of law. An expat living, for example, in an authoritarian regime will definitely require a VPN. These governments block access to many conventional sites for political reasons, or simply for reasons of paranoia. In order to access these sites, for work, or simply because you naturally resent, as you should, any of these sorts of restrictions on your freedom, a VPN is essential not only to access these sites but to access them without detection. In this case a VPN goes from an essential part of your kit – to whatever is beyond essential. It’s simply not an option not to have one. Some regimes even block the use of – and these happen to be the exact regimes in the middle east with a lot of expats – VOIP services, which means Voice Over Internet Protocol, i.e. video calls like WhatsApp and Skype. Precisely the kind of people who require these services the most are, in order to contact friends and family back home, the ones prevented from doing so.


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Is everybody in the category of must use VPN people? Maybe.

Unlock content, protect your security, unblock VOIP, with Liberty Shield, for must use VPN people…