NBA Playoffs 2015 – How You Can Watch NBA League Pass From Anywhere

The 2015 NBA Playoffs began on Saturday 18th April, with the NBA Finals starting on Thursday 4th June.

The San Antonio Spurs will be making their league leading 18th straight playoffs appearance, while the Atlanta Hawks and the Golden State Warriors will enter the playoffs as the first seed of their respective conferences.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are making their first postseason appearance since 2010, the final season of LeBron James’ first stint with the Cavaliers. On the other hand, James’ former team, the Miami Heat, will miss the playoffs a year after making the previous year’s Finals, becoming the first team to do so since the 2005 Lakers. Miami had qualified for the playoffs for six consecutive seasons before missing this year, also reaching the NBA Finals four consecutive times.


The NBA will be streamed live on WatchESPN, Sling TV and TNT but the most popular method for worldwide viewing without blackouts is NBA League Pass.

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