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Comedian and dog-lover Paul O’Grady is back at Battersea Cats and Dogs Home as the award-winning series continues. Comedian and dog lover Paul meets more of Battersea’s residents and follows them on their journey to finding new homes.

The series is packed with canine capers, laughter and some heart-breaking moments, as Paul and the staff at Battersea care for the abandoned animals.

Paul o'grady For the Love of Dogs

Paul has a genuine affection for the dogs he encounters and struggles not to adopt many of them himself. In previous episodes he fell in love with a gorgeous tiny Yorkshire terrier with a body odour issue, a pair of aged Labradors and meets some adorable Dalmatian pups.

This week, Paul meets some more weird and wonderful hounds at Battersea, including an enormous bullmastiff who is the king of slobber and has some very particular diva demands. He also meets a pair of chihuahua pug crosses with a strange family dynamic, and a very unusual looking mongrel called Milly who is very shy. Can Paul bring her out of her shell?


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