Why You Should Be Using A Secure VPN For Streaming

Use a Secure VPN To Watch Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Now, and BBC iPlayer – Why You Should Be Using A Secure VPN To Stream

A Secure VPN is the best way in the 21st Century to stay protected and anonymous while online. A Secure VPN is often painted in a bad light and has been used synonymously with the weapon of choice for hackers, scammers and anonymous people online looking to cause trouble. However, that’s not its only use.

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) can be used for personal and even business reasons to encrypt online activity, and IP addresses. Hiding an IP address is important because if hackers and scammers can’t find the true location of a device, you’re using then it will be harder for them to attack it and steal your data.

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Why Use A Secure VPN For Streaming?

Using a Secure VPN while you’re streaming TV and movies may seem like an extra step you don’t want to take; however it can unlock a lot of doors for you while keeping you safe. A Secure VPN can get around geo-blocked content which is a common problem users will experience when using streaming platforms.



Secure VPN & Geo-Blocked Content

Ever wanted to watch something specific, but it’s only available on a streaming platform that you don’t have access to based on your location? It’s annoying, but there are ways to get around it. Using a secure VPN will grant you access to Netflix, HBO Max, Now, BBC iPlayer and Amazon Prime Video from anywhere in the world.

This is achieved by the secure VPN software redirecting your internet traffic through what appears to be an approved server location by the streaming platform.

Some streaming platforms do have VPN detectors built in to limit this access, and even Netflix is trying to implement changes that stop users from different households using the same Netflix Account.

Most of the time, if a user is detected by a streaming platform for using a secure VPN then the user is presented with an error message which restricts their access. It is rare that streaming services will go further than that.

But by having a secure VPN with a high encryption level, you will be able to access these geo-blocked streaming services without a hitch.

If you do feel the need to do some investigation work before installing secure VPN software, then you should definitely take a look at the terms of use for VPNs in your country. Some governments outright ban the use of VPNs, and other countries simply do not care if you use one or not.

The topic of security and privacy online is a hot topic, and it has been for many years. Using a secure VPN is becoming commonplace for most households and businesses because of their versatility and the protection they provide.



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