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The NFL 2021/22 season is serving up more questions than answers. With all NFL action shown on Sky Sports in the UK and you can you also access NFL Game Pass International with a UK VPN.  If you use a USA VPN then you can access the America version of NFL Gamepass as well as NFL streaming networks like NFL Network, ESPN, CBS, Amazon Prime Video, NBC Sport and Fox; as well as their streaming partners lie Hulu, SlingTV and FuboTV. Need an NFL VPN?

Through two weeks of the 2021 NFL season we’ve already seen a lot of surprising results with disappointing performances being rife amongst teams, and individual players, that we normally expect to maintain much higher standards. It seems like half the teams in the league are already wondering if the need to make a change at one of the co-ordinator position because either their offense can’t move the ball or their defence can’t get any stops. Fun Fact: ‘NFL VPN’ is one of the most searched sports phrases on Google!

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The US media covers sports in a very different way to how we do it this side of the pond. Americans obsess on sports, in particular the NFL and consume 24/7 coverage that is riddled with hyperbolic takes that often brings pressure on coaching staffs at ridiculously early points in the season. It also means that whenever there’s a star player who wants to change teams, it gets talked about a lot more. The media coverage often creates rifts between players and teams, and agents and teams. A situation can often go from discontent to an untenable position purely based on the media coverage and the impact that has on fanbases.

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We’re seeing this again this season with multiple coaches and co-ordinators already on the hotseat, even those who work on teams that have started well. Kliff Kingsbury’s Arizona Cardinals are 2-0 but Kingsbury gets no credit because of media narratives built around him the past two seasons, and certain media members refusal to admit they may have called something wrong. As we head into week three, all of that noise will have to be blocked out by coaches and players who need to focus in on getting the right result this weekend.

It’s far from a classic line up of games it must be said. It’s largely what Bill Simmons would refer to as a “poopfecta” but there are a couple of games that are almost certain to be a great watch.

Let’s start with an early game on Sunday as the Kansas City Chiefs welcome the Los Angeles Chargers to Arrowhead Stadium in an exciting match-up between two of the best Quarterbacks in the league. Patrick Mahomes and Justin Herbert will, along with Josh Allen of Buffalo, Kyler Murray of Arizona and potentially Trevor Lawrence of Jacksonville, be the faces of the NFL for many years to come. Mahomes sits atop the pile, widely regarded as the best QB in the NFL right now regardless of age but when you start to look at the names of 26 year old and younger QBs you begin to see that the NFL is potentially headed for somewhat of a golden era with great talent spread across the league.

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Both of these teams have begun the season 1-1. The Chiefs came from behind to beat Cleveland in week one but lost a shoot-out against the Ravens who’s own star young QB Lamar Jackson got his first win against Mahomes. The Chiefs have shown one massive flaw so far, and it’s one they will absolutely need to address if they are to have any chance of making it back to the SuperBowl for the third straight time. They can not stop the run. Cleveland and Baltimore are, without doubt, two of the best rushing teams in the NFL but the manner in which they carved up the Chiefs is massively concerning. Especially in the case of Baltimore who lost their top three running backs to injury before the season began.

The Chargers aren’t a big running team, preferring to put the game in the hands of Herbert, but in Austin Ekeler they do have a player capable of gaining a lot of yards if the defence isn’t on point. The Chargers won their opener against Washington but suffered a somewhat surprising defeat against the Cowboys in one of last weeks suggested games. Herbert has not yet hit his stride this season, with that shaky offensive of the Chargers really struggling in pass protection.

As divisional rivals, we’re going to be treated to Mahomes vs Herbert twice a year for the next decade or more. Last season the teams split their two meetings though the Chiefs rested most of their starters for the week seventeen meeting having already secured a playoff berth. The first game between the two was an extremely close encounter that the Chiefs won with a field goal in overtime. Another tight game like that would be ideal.

After that showdown in Kansas City we head west to San Francisco where Levi’s Stadium will be the venue for the San Francisco 49ers meeting with the Green Bay Packers. In a weird scheduling abnormality this is the third meeting in three seasons between the two sides and all three have taken place in San Francisco. The two sides have split the games with the 49ers winning in 2019 and the Packers winning in 2020.

san francisco 49ers vs green bay packers

This game doesn’t have the elite Quarterback match-up of the Chiefs vs the Chargers because even though Aaron Rodgers is undoubtedly still a top three player in the league, and the reigning MVP, the 49ers don’t possess one of the truly great QBs. Jimmy Garoppolo is no slouch, and the Niners are much better when he’s under centre than they are when he isn’t, he’s yet to show the type of durability required to take a place among the top tier and there are huge doubts over his future with the franchise after they mortgaged their future to trade up in the draft and take Trey Lance with the third overall pick.

What’s really exciting about this game is the coaching match-up. Kyle Shanahan is widely viewed as the greatest offensive mind in the game right now and his coaching tree is already looking very impressive despite his young age. One person from that tree is Matt LaFleur of the Packers. LaFleur served as the QBs coach under Shanahan with the Houston Texans, the Washington Football Team and the Atlanta Falcons. He knows Shanahans scheme inside and out. He, along with LA Rams coach Sean McVey are the two coaches in the NFL best positioned to pass information to their defensive co-ordinators that could slow down the 49ers and give Green Bay a big advantage. Though LaFleur, like his mentor, is an offensive coach the most interesting part of this game will be how his defence performs. Can Shanahan make the necessary adjustments?

The Packers have started the season 1-1. They were stomped by the New Orleans Saints in a big upset in week one before coming from behind to beat Detroit last time out. The Packers defence has not looked good thus far and will need a big improvement to handle what San Francisco throws at them. San Francisco meanwhile are 2-0 with a win over the Lions of their own followed by a win over the Eagles. They were expected to win both games and perhaps made harder work of both than expected but the result is really all that matter and all they will care about this Sunday is that their record reads 3-0 after the siren goes.

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