Tour de France 2015 – Watch Free on ITV from Anywhere

The Tour de France is the biggest and most watched cycling event on the planet with millions of fans across the world anxiously waiting to watch the race.  Fortunately some broadcasters offer FREE Live Streaming of the race online and via connected digital media streaming devices.

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Here are the world’s most popular options for watch the Tour de France live…

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France TV2 & TV3 (Free Live Streaming)


German Proxy and VPN German VPN & Proxy [ More info ]

ARD (Free Live Streaming)


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ITV4 (Free Live Streaming)


USA Proxy and VPN USA VPN & Proxy [ More info ]

NBC Sports (Requires Subscription)


ITV Sport is the easiest way for English language speakers to watch Tour de France 2015 live from from anywhere in the world…

If you try watch in English-speaking countries such as Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, Spain, France, Canary Islands, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Qatar, New Zealand,  Turkey, Saudi Arabia, or Dubai you will get a Geo block error. To bypass this and watch all content for all you need is a a Proxy, VPN or VPN Router to overcome location restrictions that would otherwise block you from watching ITV Live Streaming and all other UK TV services.