UK Investigatory Powers Bill – Why All UK Internet Users Need VPN

The UK Investigatory Powers Bill, commonly known as the Snooper’s Charter has been approved by the House of Lords. Here’s our guide to how UK residents can protect their online privacy.

Nicknamed the Snooper’s Charter, the UK Investigatory Powers Bill is about to give the UK government an unprecedented level of power. This will allow government agencies to digitally spy on all UK citizens!

In this guide we explain why you should be concerned. We also explain why all UK internet users should now be considering the importance of running a VPN in their home or office.

UK VPN for Investigatory Powers Bill

What is the UK Investigatory Powers Bill (Snooper’s Charter)?

In a nutshell the bill will extend the surveillance capabilities of UK law enforcement agencies and the state.  The bill is empowered following approval by both the House of Lords and the House of Commons. UK Prime Minister Theresa May has been a major supporter of the bill from her time as Home Secretary.

The biggest implication of the bill will be on Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and telephone companies.  They are now legally obligated to store records of their customers’ internet history for a 1 year period. Furthermore they need to make them available to multiple public agencies should a warrant be issued.

In theory any UK government agency will now be able to gain fairly simple permission to hack any of your internet connected devices. PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android etc.

“The most extreme surveillance law ever passed in a Western democracy”. – Open Rights Group

Protect Your Privacy – Say No to Logging and Tracking

Liberty Shield believe in your right to digital freedom and online privacy.  The encryption provided by a VPN (Virtual Private Network) will add an extra level of security to all your online activities  on an of your devices.  Once connected to a VPN neither government agencies or your ISP will be able to log your internet usage or browser history.  Large corporate firms have used VPN encryption for many years. This same technology is now available in the home or small offer.

Some VPN companies keep logs and will be legally obliged to hand them over to government agencies under the new bill.

Liberty Shield never share your data with anyone and don’t log your website usage through our servers in any form. Whilst privacy laws continue to change around the world, Liberty Shield remains committed to online privacy as a fundamental right for all.

  • Use Liberty Shield to hide your browsing/messaging activity from your ISP who will now be logging all your traffic.
  • Liberty Shield never keep logs of any customer usage, therefore there is no tracking data to hand over even if asked.

Use of a VPN is entirely legal. No laws exist which prevent internet users from encrypting their traffic by connecting to a Virtual Private Network. 

  • Get a VPN with a virtual location set to UK, USA, Ireland, Germany, Canada, Spain, France, Switzerland etc.
  • Just want to encrypt your PC, Mac or iPad? Then you can get a VPN from Liberty Shield from only £6.99 per month.
  • Prefer to encrypt all the devices in your home or office? You’ll need a UK configured VPN Router for only £12.99 with Worldwide Shipping.


Furthermore protecting your online privacy isn’t the only benefit of a VPN.  Various geographically-censored streaming services will also be accessible.  With a UK VPN services like BBC iPlayer, ITV Sport, BBC Sport, ITV Hub, All 4, Demand 5, Sky Go and Now TV are available.

Plus with the option to switch to our USA service whenever you like, you can access Hulu, HBO GO, Netflix and Pandora.

Essentially you can access international content from virtually anywhere!