Should I Keep My VPN On All The Time?

Any good VPN (virtual private network) on the market should be able to deliver on many points. One of which is allowing you to have your VPN on all of the time.

End to end encryption and protecting your anonymity are major points. Also allowing access to geo-restricted websites like American Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu is another great benefit. Having your VPN on 24/7 is highly recommended. Fun fact – While a Free VPN will save you money, they aren’t always the best alternative to a Paid VPN. Take a look at our analysis here

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At Liberty Shield we’ve done some leg work and created ways to stay safe with the help of Liberty Shield VPN. Today we’re going to discuss a few situations where a VPN must be turned on, and other situations where it might be best to turn off.


Leaving Your VPN ON

A VPN protects your device and your data, as well as keeping your browsing sessions private. Everyone wants private internet access and that’s what they should get. A fast and secure VPN is essential when using the internet in public. Public Networks tend to be insecure, allowing hackers to access your personal information.

Having your VPN on at all times should be seen equally important to wearing a seatbelt in a moving vehicle. If you also use a VPN while streaming on Netflix, Amazon Prime or even Twitch you will be using your email and passwords which is information that must be protected. Which again, a VPN is very useful for.


Turning Your VPN Off

While the majority of people are working from home in some capacity due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, finding a power socket is the least of our concerns. But when public places open again and people begin to work on the go; you should be made aware that VPNs consume a lot of battery while active. It drains a lot of power to handle a good VPN, especially if the device is also streaming something like Netflix or All4.

While a VPN is on, it will filter your connection through servers in different countries which can throttle broadband speeds. A good VPN should be fast, but if you are downloading large files via the internet, turning off your VPN may speed things up.


Final Thoughts

Your VPN should remain on to protect you from any dangers on the internet that may be lurking. At Liberty Shield, we believe it is better to be caught with a VPN than without one. Your VPN provider should be able to deliver fast encryption to websites you’re visiting. If you’re looking to change from your current provider or to get your first VPN; why not try Liberty Shield.

Liberty Shield delivers unrestricted access to geographically restricted websites like All4, Sky Go, HBO Max, and Hulu. We also know what it’s like to have to deal with the complicated set-up for new equipment, so we’ve optimised our VPN routers to be a simple plug and play, pre-configured to get you browsing securely. Take a look at our plans here.

VPN Routers – The Best Way To Keep Your VPN On 24/7

The easiest way to connect all your your devices to a VPN that is constantly connected is by using one of our very popular pre-configured VPN Routers.  Liberty Shield also has top reviews on Trustpilot, so you can be assured that you are investing in the best service available.


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