Is Your VPN Working? How To Test Your VPN Security

A simple guide to test if your VPN is working and fit for purpose

It’s great when a VPN provider claims to offer the most secure VPN Service on the market, but the best way to find out the truth is to put VPN Security to the test. A high-end VPN should be covering any data being received and sent through a VPN tunnel, which acts as a cloak for your data against companies, governments and Internet Service Providers (ISP). Fun fact; VPN Security is one of the most searched for terms this year!

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Surely, with every VPN provider claiming to be the most secure, there has to be a percentage that doesn’t fit the bill. It’s important to understand that if you already own a VPN it’s important to test if it’s still up to scratch, and if you don’t have a VPN yet then it’s a good idea to understand why you need one, and why VPN Security is important.


Common VPN Security Leaks
DNS Leaks

DNS (Domain Name System) translates domain names into IP addresses, so that whenever you input a URL into your browser, your browser knows where to take you. Leaks can occur here if your DNS provider keeps logs of which websites you are visiting, and the correlating IP addresses.

WebRTC Leaks

WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) is a type of communication technology that allows browsers to communicate with each other. In order for communication between browsers to operate well, the two devices also need to know each other’s real IP address and thus, their real location.

IP Addresses

The IP Address of a device is how that device can be distinguished from others on a network. It’s important to mask your IP address because an IP Address can reveal your location, the websites you visit and can be used to determine other habits you have while online.


Take Back Control Of Your Internet Privacy Through VPN Security

The best way to take control of your internet privacy and safety is to secure yourself with a VPN (Virtual Private Network). A good VPN covers all the common VPN security leaks we have explored in this article and by simply having your VPN on when you’re online; you can protect yourself from a whole host of hackers, scammers, exploiters and others with potentially malicious intent.

If you believe your data or privacy has already been exposed, then it is best to be on the safe side and either change your VPN service or get yourself a VPN if you do not already have one.

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