Watch All Sky TV Channels Without Dish Where You Are

Sky have announced that from this year all of their content and channels will be available online, signalling a break from their traditional reliance on the satellite dish. The latest move should come as a welcome announcement to consumers who prefer to watch all their Sky content online, or even outside the regions where Sky is traditionally dominant, like the UK and Ireland. In other words, with a Sky VPN, you will soon be able to watch all of the great content you love where you are, and watch Sky without dish.

Coupled with a Sky VPN, the latest signal out of Sky should come as welcome news to consumers who wish to watch the content they love where they actually are, breaking with intrusive geo-restrictions, and opening up their freedom to watch what they want, when they see fit. A dish will no longer be required but you will need a Sky VPN. Read below for details: watch Sky without dish

Watch Sky without dish

This latest announcement that all Sky content will be available online, necessitating a Sky VPN, comes in the wake of the announcement of the Now TV smart stick, which will be the cheapest way to get Sky’s content for many who are currently outside the UK. Of course this device only makes sense when used with our Sky VPN. So you can watch Sky without dish

Streaming service NOW TV is set to launch the NOW TV Smart Stick, the UK’s cheapest streaming stick and a brand new way to get the best pay-TV shows, the latest and greatest movies and exclusive live sports on your telly. On sale from next month for just £14.99, the portable plug-and-play NOW TV Smart Stick is powered by Roku and comes with a remote featuring Voice Search technology that helps you to quickly find your favourite shows, films, actors or directors – getting you to the TV you love, fast. Plus if you don’t want to miss the live action, the NOW TV Smart Stick lets you pause live TV on all NOW TV’s premium channels including Sky Sports, FOX, Comedy Central and Sky Atlantic. Watch Sky without dish

Sky already offers a lot of content on its Sky Go and Now TV services, but the latest move is truly a game changer. Hundreds of channels will be more widely available, making it completely unnecessary to have a satellite dish. This opens up Sky content where you are, if you couple this great deal with our Sky VPN.

Watch Sky without dish

The decision comes in response to the threat from the big streamers Netflix and Amazon. A smart move by Sky looks even better coupled with a Sky VPN. Jeremy Darroch, Sky chief executive, said the consumer environment was expected to remain “challenging”. Darroch says there is growth at both the top end of the market, with its premium Sky Q boxes, 2 million of which are in British homes, and the bottom end of the market with Now TV. Especially with the arrival of the smart stick. Now TV is a lot more flexible than the main Sky package, and with a SKY VPN it is pretty unbeatable for those wishing to enjoy their content where they are. The message: Watch Sky without dish

Watch Sky Without Dish, But With a Sky VPN…

You can watch Sky Sports, or any of the other great Sky content, for free via Sky Go (if you are a Sky customer or have friends or family in the UK with access). Alternatively you can buy a Now TV pass for Sky Sports; Day, Week and Month sports passes are available. And soon all other channels will be available too, necessitating a Sky VPN.

Sky Sports have the UK rights to English Premier League, La Liga, Scottish Premier League, MLS, International Football and English Championship. Other popular sports on Sky include Formula One, Cricket, Rugby, and Golf.

Watch Sky without dish

Watch Sky Without Dish Where You Are
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