5 Ways You’ll Pay For A Free VPN

When Free is not quite as it seems – 5 Ways You’ll Pay For A Free VPN

If you were to run a search for ‘Free VPN’, you will find over 190 million search results on Google. Most free VPN providers claim that not having to pay anything towards your internet security and privacy is the best way to go, but how safe can you actually be with a free VPN? So, today let’s take a look at why Free VPNs are a bad decision.

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Security Breaches

One of the main responsibilities of a VPN is to protect your internet security and privacy. In their nature, Free VPNs are a business for the providers, and they have to turn a profit in some way. That profit is gained by advertisements and malware. You could be pleasantly catching up on Netflix’s Shadow and Bone or BBC Drama Line of Duty, when all of a sudden, a huge banner interrupts your online streaming to promote a product. This is an invasive method of gaining revenue and it doesn’t belong in VPNs.


Limiting Your Speed

If you’re someone that likes to stream a lot of movies and TV shows or likes to play online games; you know exactly why you need access to fast internet speed. A common criticism of Free VPNs is that they intentionally offer slow speeds to customers, which will hopefully incentivise users to upgrade to a paid subscription that “guarantees” faster speeds. No internet user wants to use a Free VPN service that moves at a crawl so it’s best to avoid them where you can.


Access to Geo-Blocked Websites

Streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer and All4 use high levels of VPN detection to stop users accessing their website from outside authorised countries. This creates a point of frustration because simply wanting to watch something on the American Netflix isn’t illegal, it’s just against the company’s terms of service. Free VPNs will promise users that you will be able to access all streaming services, from around the world, and without interruption. The reality is this isn’t always the case for free VPNs.


Your Online Activity

Protecting your online activity should be at the heart of every VPN service. Unfortunately, not all VPN providers uphold internet privacy as much as they should. Many free VPN services have embedded trackers into the service that will gather your online data and sell it onto advertisers. Using a secure, high-level VPN will better guarantee that you won’t download these data trackers onto your devices.

Limiting Your Data

Most VPN providers will have tiered packages, ranging from free to paid. Having this tiered system means that the more you are willing to pay, the more benefits you unlock. A common benefit of the paid VPN subscriptions is that you get access to unlimited monthly data, but the free VPN packages have a data cap of 500mb to 2GB a month. Bear in mind that streaming Netflix for around an hour on standard definition uses 1GB of data. You wouldn’t be able to watch a single episode of Netflix’s Shadow and Bone before you were cut off from your Free VPN provider for the month.



What Is The Best Option?

If you want the best for your internet security, privacy, as well as the additional benefit of accessing geo-blocked websites and streaming services; then what you need is a subscription-based VPN from Liberty Shield. With high speed access to secure, encrypted servers all over the world, as well as no data caps or speed throttling; you can’t go wrong with the highly customer rated VPN service offered here. Take a look at our plans here and claim your offer for a 48-hour trial for all our packages!


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