Now TV Becomes NOW – Sky Sports Finally Available on FireTV

Now TV Rebrands As Now – Watch The New Now TV On Your Amazon Fire Stick

On the face of it the Now TV rebrand to NOW seems futile, but when you read between the lines there are some big wins for subscribers.

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What Happened To Now TV?

In March of 2021, Now TV announced that it would be rebranding the popular streaming service as NOW. As well as the move away from Now TV, the brand also has a stunning new look with the same amazing entertainment in TV, movies, and Sports. Subscribers of Now TV shouldn’t have faced any disruption as it is still the same streaming service, and the only thing to change is the name.

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NOW App Available On FireTV

Along with the name change, NOW also announced that the NOW app would be available to download and use on the FireTV store. This is an incredibly favourable move to the benefit of the user as FireTV customers can watch shows only accessible on Sky Atlantic, and other Sky channels, on FireTV for the very first time.


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Why Is This Move Important?

If you’re a FireTV stick owner and you feel like you’ve watched everything that FireTV has to offer; then take a look at NOW for some fresh and exciting content. For those not in the know, NOW is a streaming platform just like Netflix except it primarily houses shows produced by the internet service provider and major TV production company Sky. NOW has major shows like the new police drama Mare of Easttown starring Kate Winslet and Gangs of London starring Peaky Blinders actor Joe Cole.

Like other streaming platforms, NOW has different streaming packages called “Passes” that are neatly boiled down to Cinema, Entertainment, Sports, Kids and Hayu. That’s four major packages absolutely packed with fresh and exciting content if you’ve gone through all your Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu watch lists.

We all know the pain of watching the same shows and movies over and over again just because they’re familiar. But if you’ve watched Breaking Bad 13 times, The Office 5 times and you’ve already blasted through Netflix’s Shadow and Bone; you might start to believe that there’s never anything new to watch anymore.

But don’t be dismayed! The Now App on FireTV will inject some much-needed levity into your weekday afternoon and evenings. The Entertainment Pass at Now costs £9.99 a month and for that you will get access to over 16 channels that house over 300 TV boxsets.

If TV isn’t your thing, then the Cinema Pass costs £11.99 a month and you get access to all Sky Cinema channels that have over 1000 movies on demand.

For the Sports fans among us, the Sports Pass costs £33.99 a month which gets you access to 11 Sky Sports Channels and as many episodes of the Premier League Hall of Fame as you can handle.



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