How to Change Location and IP Address with VPN

Are you in London but need to be in New York? Whilst Covid lockdown restrictions make it impossible to travel, you can still change location virtually by using a VPN.

One of the most common reasons behind people wanting to use a VPN is the fact that you can change the perceived location of your device to anywhere in the world.  If you are thinking about starting to use a VPN, it is important to know that you can change this location whenever you want to, depending on what it is that you are trying to do.  Luckily, it could not be more straightforward. Fun Fact: Change Location is one of the most searched phrases on Google!

Laptop VPN Change Location

How does my location change when using a VPN?

 When you use a VPN, you can have your traffic and browsing activity sent to a server in another country.  When using Liberty Shield, you are able to select servers all over the world and have your traffic sent there, so that it appears you are browsing in that location.  In doing this, your IP address is changed to match the new server, and this is what hides your true location as well as your identity.

This means that you can access all of the content in your new ‘location’, including geo-blocked websites and streaming content from other countries.

What are the advantages of changing your location using a VPN?

 There are so many reasons why you might want to change your location online.  Without using a VPN, a public IP address can give someone a lot of information about you and your online activity, which is better off kept protected.  Changing your IP location is great for security, but there are many other benefits too.

  • You can watch content that is not available in your home region.  This can be anything from Netflix to Disney+ to BBC iPlayer – you can access content from anywhere, which can give you access to some of the best streaming content that you’ve been missing out on.
  • You can compare prices on items while online shopping.  This may come as a surprise, but the prices of various items online can be marked very differently depending on where you are in the world.  Changing your IP address is a great way to compare these prices and find the lowest one.
  • Keeping your identity hidden. When browsing at home it is very common for applications and websites to want to track your location in order to identify you.  Changing your IP address makes this very difficult to do.

VPN Myths Debunked

Change Location Today

Using Liberty Shield gives you the power to keep your identity private from many sources online, and ultimately doing this will give you a lot more freedom as well.  Using a VPN to change your IP address allows you to do so much more to enhance your online experience, and keeps many irritating restrictions at bay.

The best part is that we offer our services completely free to every new subscriber for the first 48 hours so that you can be sure to make the most out of your subscription before you commit to anything.

Liberty Shield also has top reviews on Trustpilot, so you can be assured that you are investing in the best service available.