Data Privacy – What Went Wrong?

Is Data Privacy Gone? – How To Back Up Your Files & Encrypt Them

You don’t tend to think about data privacy until you’re affected by it and your data becomes compromised. The key thing to remember when it comes to data privacy is that it can be easy to do but data privacy requires proper preparation. Let’s figure out which data you should be backing up and how.

Which Data Is Part of Data Privacy

Any data that you want kept private is a part of data privacy. Ultimately, it is up to you to device which data you want to back up. In terms of where you store that data; if you store all of your important files in one place and that device becomes corrupted/lost then you may have just lost those files.

How To Protect Your Data Privacy
External Storage Devices

One of the most common storage methods is an external storage device, they are convenient for quick data transfers and can hold a lot of data depending on their capacity. This option would be great for data transfers between devices, or if you want to digitise the many hundreds of family photos you have that are currently kept in bulky family photo albums.

Cloud Storage Options

Uploading data files to “The Cloud” is an effective way to store data if multiple people need to access the data files from different locations and considering physical storage devices can be corrupted/lost “The Cloud” is a safe alternative. A big downside to Cloud Storage options is that your Cloud provider will have complete access to your data which they may use to sell to third parties or leave open to hacking.

How To Encrypt Your Data Privacy

On the topic of data privacy that may be open to exposure, it should be of great interest to you to make sure your data is encrypted. Adding an additional layer of protection to your data and files will be something you wish you if someone tries to test your security.

Full Disk Encryption

If you like the idea of encrypting your files, you may as well go the whole hog and encrypt your external disks. It is like putting a specially designed lock onto your files, and without an encryption key someone would not be able to decode the files.

PGP Encryption

PGP, or Pretty Good Privacy, can be used to encrypt individual files if you choose to. Similarly to Full Disk encryption, PGP requires that someone must be in possession of a key in order to decrypt the files.



Other Ways To Uphold Data Privacy

Speaking of defences, it is a good idea to think about protecting your internet security through a VPN (Virtual Private Network). With a VPN, your device’s IP address will remain hidden from governments, hackers and Internet Service Providers so you can go online without having to worry about someone potentially stalking you.

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