Have Facebook Put You At Risk?

Facebook Data Breach Puts Users At Risk

The social media giant Facebook is known to have data breaches, and for as large of a company as they are; one would think their data breach security would be bulletproof. The company has gained a reputation for mishandling data and their latest data breach is another addition to a long list of data breach cases. The most recent incident saw the personal information of 500 million users drastically undermines the integrity of security that the company tries to identify with.

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The Facebook Data Breach

The personal information from 533 million users was found publicly on a hacking forum, free to download for anyone that wanted it. Most of the time it is unclear why hackers do what they do, a; a majority of the time their reasons can be found in financial gain or flexing their skills to the hacking community.

One spokesperson from Facebook attempted to play down the incident by claiming that a lot of the 533 million user’s information were from duplicate accounts. While this is a poor attempt at a PR spin, it’s not necessarily true. Not many people change their email addresses, mobile numbers, and physical locations every year so the information in the data breach could still be true in a large number of cases.



Worried About Being a Data Breach Victim?

In relation to the data breach, Facebook doesn’t believe they need to inform which users were exposed to the hacking. So instead of being in fear that you may have been hacked, or that your data has potentially been accessed, you can check your email address and your mobile numbers on a website called “haveibeenpwned.com”. By inputting your mobile number or email address, you will know if your information has been “pwned”.

Getting “pwned”, means that your information has been at the mercy of hackers and your information has been owned. “haveibeenpwned.com” is owned by a cyber security expert Troy Hunt, who has made it his career to make people feel safe online by catching cyber criminals and putting power back in the hands of everyday users, so they feel safe online. It is comforting to know that for the most part, there is an equal amount of “good guys” trying to uphold internet and data security, as there are “bad guys” trying to hack and data breach others. Services that protect your internet and data security shouldn’t be an afterthought, they are a necessity.


Other Ways To Stay Protected Online

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