Why a VPN is Essential for All Digital Nomads

Digital Nomads are helping make VPNs more popular than ever. Here’s how Liberty Shield VPN can help.

Hopefully you can remember a life before the pandemic where you could travel anywhere around the world. Just hop on a plane and get ready for a much-needed holiday. There are some people that do this regularly but take their work with them. These people are commonly called Digital Nomads, and they are writers, journalists, reviewers, blog writers.

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The life of a Digital Nomad is undeniably an exciting one. You could be in one country on Monday and then travelling across two others by Tuesday. Remote working during the Pandemic has, in a way, been a taster of this way of life for a lot of people and hopefully shows its viability once travel restrictions are eased. This life doesn’t come without its concerns though. Connecting to public networks so you can get client work uploaded can expose your data and device to all sorts of cyber issues.  So let’s take a look at why having a VPN is essential while travelling.


Data and Device Security is Essential

Public Networks will be a godsend when you need to get your work uploaded, check emails or find out where the next Hostel is. But these types of Networks can expose your device to all sorts of botnets, hackers and malware that are targeting your data and information.

Using a VPN puts the issue to bed. Encrypting your data and masking your device location through different geographical locations keeps your data and device safe from these cyber irritations.


VPN’s, Fun For All Your Devices

While living the Digital Nomad lifestyle, a laptop can be the most sacred tool you will own as it keeps your income afloat. What shouldn’t be neglected is the security of any mobile or tablet devices that you may have. They will also be accessing Public Networks which opens those devices up to potential exposure. A good VPN will have IOS and Android apps that you can download to protect those devices.

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Bypassing Geo-Blocks

You’ll experience a Geo-Block if you try to access a website that is restricted based on your geographical location. As a Digital Nomad, it’s important to have unrestricted access to websites that will help with your work or when you want to watch the American or UK Netflix. A good VPN will allow you to access those websites from anywhere in the world as your IP address can be changed.


Utilising Cloud Storage

Services like Google Drive and Dropbox are incredibly useful if your device doesn’t have a lot of storage. While Cloud Storage services have their own security measures, safety is never 100% guaranteed. Using a VPN will add that extra bit of assurance while backing up your documents to those cloud storage options.


Final Thoughts

Hopefully with the guidance we’ve supplied you’re about to keep your devices and data safe while you’re on your travels. For a fast, secure and reliable VPN provider – take a look at our bespoke service. At Liberty Shield we are able to offer you protection from viruses and hackers, the ability to access websites all over the world, all the while protecting your laptop, mobile, computer, tablet and more! Take a look at our plans today and take advantage of the free 48-hour trial!

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