Twitch Ban VPN Users & How To Avoid Geoblocking

As Twitch ban VPN usage we take a look at Shadow Banning and how to avoid Geoblocks with Liberty Shield VPN.

In December 2020, Twitch users began reporting on social media that while using a VPN (Virtual Private Network), certain features of Twitch were not accessible. Fun Fact: ‘Twitch Ban VPN’ is one of the most searched phrases on Google!

twitch ban vpn

One Twitter user posted at the end of January “@Twitch has banned almost ALL VPN providers from chat via shadowban”.

What is Shadow Banning and can you help whilst Twitch ban VPN?

Shadow Banning is a term that refers to when a user on an online platform is banned from performing certain actions, but the user is not always made aware of the restrictions in place. Shadow Banning on Twitch would look like a user commenting in the chat of someone’s stream and thinking they were contributing to the community, but in actual fact their comment is not visible to other users. Which kind of undermines the sense of community and isn’t always fair if the user doesn’t know why they are being banned.

twitch shadow banning VPN

You may be thinking, why do people need to use a VPN for Twitch?

Well, some users may be using a VPN to bypass account bans, others may be using it as a way to avoid targeted ads while watching a stream. Some use a VPN to get around any geographical restrictions as Twitch is banned in some countries.

We’re well into February now and there has not yet been an official response by the streaming platform as to why the shadow bans were implemented, which is a shame as the use of a Virtual Private Network is not intrinsically for malicious purposes.

Users being banned or restricted on social media platforms isn’t uncommon, in fact, here’s a list of reasons why users may be banned on social media platforms:

  • Uploading illegal or illicit material
  • Releasing personal information of others
  • The harassment, abuse or threatening of other users
  • Using the platform for various illegal gains

Sometimes, technology can even have a meltdown and ban people for no reason at all. Most of the time bans can be reviewed by a customer service team and lifted if the ban is deemed unjustified which is fairly common across all online platforms.

If you aren’t too familiar with Twitch you may have come across another type of ban when visiting websites that have a Geo-block.

best vpn for twitch

What is Geo-Blocking and can you help whilst Twitch ban VPN?

Geo-Blocking is a term for internet access being restricted based on a user’s geographical location. This can be particularly annoying if you just want to read a news article from another country or check out what American Netflix has to offer from the U.K. To get around these, all you need is a reliable, fast and secure VPN provider – like Liberty Shield.

At Liberty Shield, we provide lightning fast connection to encrypted servers located all over the world, the convenience of being able to protect any device you own with our ready to download software and access to Geo-blocked websites all around the world. Oh, and to top it off we have a 5-star rating on Trustpilot so you can be confident that our service is the best on the market. Make sure to take a look here.

There are many different VPN services to choose from in order to achieve this, and not all will offer the same benefits as each other.  It is important to choose the service that is going to offer the best benefits for you.  Liberty Shield allows you to use VPN on multiple devices from phones to tablets to smart televisions, and we also give all of our customers 48 hours completely free, so you can make sure the service is to your liking before subscribing.

Liberty Shield has a great rating on Trustpilot and offers support 365 days of the year, so you can be assured that you can make the most out of your subscription.