EU Looks To Ban Facial Recognition Technology

EU Looks To Ban Facial Recognition Technology

Facial recognition technology sounds like something of the far future, but many tools that we use now have already implemented this tech. Some smartphones have the ability to use facial recognition technology as another security measure and China uses facial recognition technology on its citizens.

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At the end of April, the European Union put legislative powers in place to stop facial recognition technology from being used against European citizens which could set a precedent for the rest of the world. In some ways, this technology has its uses and potential, but used in the wrong way this tech could have worrying ramifications.

EU Facial Recognition Technology Policy

The European Commission has proposed powers to ban certain AI technologies, and heavy fines would be issued to companies that do not comply.

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The use of facial recognition technology by authorities would also be banned, to limit the exploitation of vulnerable groups in society. This is particularly important because it was reported that during the Hong Kong protests in 2019 and 2020, the Chinese government and authorities were using facial recognition technology to identify protestors, and the information would be used to identify and arrest the protestors at a later date.

Fines for not complying with the proposed legislation would amount to fines equal to 20 million euros, or 4% of the company’s annual turnover.

Facial Recognition Technology and GDPR

Although a board of overseers will be appointed to regulate which companies violate the bill, and which uses of AI facial recognition technology will be acceptable; those in charge will have the autonomy of control over your privacy and data.

For instance, the proposed bill would exempt some uses of facial recognition technology by EU governments and some public authorities in the service of “public security”.

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This sets an interesting, and potentially dangerous precedent supported by law because it dictates which government and authority bodies can use facial recognition technology on you and who can’t.

As some EU governments can use the technology for “public security”; what exactly defines “public security”?

CCTV cameras on the street are working 24/7 both as a prevention to crime, and to record any evidence of crime that unfolds but it doesn’t target individuals or groups indiscriminately. Without the use of a VPN on your computer, laptop or smartphone it is understood that governments and companies can track your global positioning already. In a recent Apple update for iPhones, users are now asked if they do or do not want apps to track them. This provides a transparent look at how apps and companies track users while using the app, and sometimes after the app has been closed.



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