Will using a VPN get me Faster Internet Speeds?

Most people use a VPN for the wealth of security benefits that they bring, but can a VPN really give you a faster internet connection too?

Historically, it has always been believed that the exact opposite of this was true.  Popular belief would state that if you are using the internet, and you incorporate encryption into it, then your internet speed would automatically be slower.  This makes sense logically, however many users have reported faster internet speeds from using a VPN, not slower ones.  So, can a VPN speed up your internet?  And if so, how does this work?


First of all, it is important to understand the concept of bandwidth throttling, and the role that it plays in slowing down our day to day internet usage.  Bandwidth throttling refers to your internet service provider purposefully slowing down some kinds of browsing activity, in order to maintain a better speed for users who require more bandwidth.  This helps them to give users a better average experience, through selectively slowing down some traffic.

The benefit to using a VPN here would be that when Liberty Shield is encrypting your browsing activity, all of your traffic becomes hidden – even from your service provider!  When using Liberty Shield, no one can see what you are doing, and therefore your traffic cannot be selectively slowed down by your service provider.  Because of this, using a VPN can make your internet speed faster.

Bandwidth throttling is perhaps the most common way that a VPN is going to increase your internet speed, but there may be some other ways as well.  For example, a VPN can help to re-route your traffic in the most efficient way; ISPs are known to send traffic in inefficient routes and using a VPN can help prevent this from happening.  One of the key ways in which you may notice a difference while using a VPN is in the amount of buffering that you experience. Using Liberty Shield VPN can prevent buffering by offering very fast speeds and a higher number of servers, and our Trustpilot reviews showcasing many very happy customers reflect this success.

Liberty Shield offers an easy-to-use service that is very easy to set up via the website.  With just one subscription with us and an instant setup, you can have unlimited access to our VPN from a variety of different devices.  The best part?  We offer our services completely free for 48 hours, so you can get your bearings and make sure that you know what you are getting from your subscription.

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