Government Hacking – Fiction or Reality?

Citizens in every country on earth are convinced government hacking is a reality. Can your government hack you? Is Private Internet Access really private anymore?

For many years now, keeping your private internet access safe has been just as important as keeping your car keys safe or your debit card. There are many great services that help keep your private internet access private, but what tools and methods are cybercriminals using? Fun Fact: Government Hacking is one of the most searched phrases on Google!

Government and authoritative bodies have sprung up around the world to combat the threat of cyber criminals, but does their protection come at a cost to your private internet access?

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Microsoft Exchange Hack

At the start of 2021, a major cyber-attack was launched on secure Microsoft servers all over the world and a reported 250,000 servers were exposed during the attack. The group behind the hack was Hafnium, who have a lengthy history of launching attacks on organisations for some time now.

Global and well-trained hacker groups like Hafnium are unlikely to target individuals at home with their private internet access, because they usually go for one giant wale like Microsoft which will give them access to potentially thousands of documents of information. Nevertheless, it’s important to always be aware that anyone can be hacked or exploited, and not just through the private internet access you have at home.

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The Government and Private Internet Access

The National Cyber Force (NCF) has been set up in the UK to monitor, detect and stop hostile cyber attackers. Their defensive efforts are to stop large scale attacks on organisations within the UK, from anywhere in the world.

The thing is, these attacks could come from anywhere in the world. Both Russia and China have both targeted the UK in recent years, and even a group based in North Korea attacked vital NHS services in 2017. Groups like the NCF have the ability to monitor internet traffic within the UK as they try to find those who want to steal data and cripple networks all around the world.

Citizens must be able to feel safe and have the integrity of private internet access upheld because it would be a worrying world if everything we did was monitored by governments and companies. Unfortunately, we are already there in some cases.


How Can You Protect Your Private Internet Access from Government Hacking?

Downloading a VPN (Virtual Private Network) onto your personal devices is the best way to protect your privacy online, and make it harder for hackers to target you. By using a VPN on your device, your data is encrypted and your IP address is masked so that individuals, companies and governments cannot see your internet activity. Using a VPN isn’t illegal or unethical, but it does uphold your privacy and puts another wall of defence between you and those who would want to use your data against you.

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