Can My ISP Log Everything I Do Online?

ISP Log – What Can My Internet Service Provider See?

If we do not encrypt our internet traffic and data, then there is a possibility that our internet service providers can see everything that we do online.  Your internet service provider handles all of your activity, and that means that they have full access to your traffic (ISP Log), including your internet search history, online transactions and personal messaging.  Let’s look closer at what our internet service providers can see when we do not encrypt our traffic.

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What Does Your ISP Log?
  • Your browsing activity and login information. In most cases, your internet service provider is going to be able to see all of the websites that you are visiting, including purchases that you make and even your usernames and passwords for certain sites.
  • Oftentimes your internet service provider can not only see who you are emailing but the content of those emails as well. This includes files that are sent in emails also.
  • If you torrent files. Your internet service provider will be able to see if you are using BitTorrent and downloading files, whether it is legally or illegally.  When your ISP sees that you are doing this they may slow your download and internet speeds

The bottom line is that if you do not encrypt your traffic, your internet service provider can see pretty much everything that you are doing online.  So what can we do in order to protect our browser activity and increase privacy?


How can I stop my ISP seeing everything I do online?

The best action to take in order to protect your data and information from your internet service provider is to use a good quality VPN to encrypt all of your data and traffic.  A VPN works by encrypting your traffic in a tunnel and making your IP address invisible.  This means that if anyone is trying to snoop at what you are doing online, the information will not be able to be read.  This is the best way to ensure that no one, including your ISP can see anything that you are doing online.

Investing in a good-quality VPN service is key here.  Liberty Shield offers an easy-to-use service for VPN, which is very easy to set up via the website and will help you to make sure your data and browsing information remains safe and protected.  With just one subscription with us and an instant setup, you can have unlimited access to our VPN from a variety of different devices, so that you never have to worry about your online security again.  The best part is that we offer our services completely free for 48 hours, so you can get your bearings and make sure that you know what you are getting from your subscription.


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