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Watch Line of Duty From Anywhere – Use our VPN To Watch the Line of Duty Season 6 on BBC iPlayer

In the Line of Duty season 6 finale, time runs out for the AC-12 team and the true identity of the mysterious ‘H’ is revealed. Line of Duty came to a dramatic and controversial season 6 conclusion on BBC One and the full series is now available on-demand with BBC iPlayer . Line of Duty series 6 has smashed all sorts of ratings records and you won’t want to miss no matter where you are in the world.

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Free Line of Duty Streaming – All 6 Seasons on BBC iPlayer


What Is Line of Duty?

The BBC drama Line of Duty follows a team of British police officers as they investigate deep rooted corruption inside the police force. Season one kicked off with Steve Arnott being moved into an internal police affairs team after a raid gone wrong, which Arnott refused to cover up.

In its very nature, every Line of Duty episode has you second guessing who you can trust, who the characters portray themselves as, and the show will even have you re-watching entire seasons just to try and piece the puzzle pieces together. The famous Anti-Corruption task force, AC-12, is not a real anti-corruption task force but they are based on real anti-corruption police units that exist in the British police force.

If the action and mystery get too much for you, it can be calming to take a step back and know that the events of Line of Duty are not based on real events or people. The show sometimes takes inspiration from real legal cases that have tackled corruption, most notably the unlawful conviction of Stefan Kiszko and Barry George.


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How To Watch Line of Duty From Anywhere

If you’re someone that is blocked from BBC iPlayer, but really want to watch the BBC One police drama Line of Duty, then you’ll need a VPN to be able to do so.

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) can be downloaded quickly and easily onto your smartphone, laptop and computer. One purpose of a VPN is to change the IP address of your device so streaming services like BBC iPlayer work just as they would without any prohibitive blocking.

If you don’t have other streaming services like Hulu or Amazon Prime Video, then you’ll definitely need a VPN to watch the Line of Duty Season 6 finale.

The Line of Duty finale big reveal has certainly caused controversy, with many fans taking to social media to deride a lacklustre conclusion.



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