Watch MotoGP on BT Sport From Anywhere

From the opening race to the season finale in Valencia. MotoGP will be shown live by BT Sport with highlights on ITV.

MotoGP is a series of 18 motorcycle races which take place in various countries around the world. Racing is divided in to 3 classes, based on motorbike engine size. The classes are Moto3 where engines must be 250 cc, Moto2 with 600 cc engines, and MotoGP where bikes are 1000 cc. All three groups race on the same day, usually beginning with the smallest first.

Marc Márquez will start the 2017 season as defending world champion having secured his 3rd MotoGP world title at 2016 Japanese motorcycle Grand Prix.

Watch MotoGP on BT Sport outside UK

Which UK TV channels shows MotoGP coverage?

Live MotoGP coverage can be found exclusively live on BT Sport. Their coverage includes every Moto GP race as well as qualifying and practice sessions; Moto GP can be found on BT Sport 1HD and BT Sport 2HD. Highlights of MotoGP races can be found on ITV4.

BT Sport will also broadcast live coverage of Moto2 and Moto3 racing exclusively live in the UK.

So how do you watch BT Sport from anywhere?
  • Get a UK IP address.
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