No Net Neutrality Makes VPN a Basic Consumer Essential

Even those not paying attention will have picked up that the death of Net Neutrality is another attack on internet users’ rights, privacy, freedom, and security. It is a concern for everyone, or should be, who uses the internet. Fortunately there is a rational response to the FCC’s decision, beyond despair. Internet users must take the protection of their online freedom and privacy into their own hands. Read below for details. But suffice it to say a Net Neutrality VPN is now a consumer essential.

The FCC’s decision on Net Neutrality has left many wondering if there is a practical solution to Internet Service Providers’ new freedom to sell their data, slow their connections, and do basically whatever else they want. We have the details of all this, and the reasons for it all, below. Not to mention the solution. The decision on Net Neutrality can, and should, be mitigated by every internet user making the decision to employ a VPN. A Net Neutrality VPN is now a consumer essential.

Ajit Pai is only a symptom of a greater malaise. He is the FCC chair who made the decision on Net Neutrality, and is another back door apparatchik slipping all too easily between the revolving doors of industry and regulatory body. A former Verizon lawyer, it is no surprise he made the decision he did on Net Neutrality. Fortunately the impact of this decision can be mitigated with a Net Neutrality VPN, from Liberty Shield. Read below for details, along with the details on the Title 2 controversy, another egregious FCC decision, which in many ways will have a greater impact on individual net users’, necessitating a Net Neutrality VPN.

Net Neutrality VPN

Pai’s Net Neutrality decision was just a first in a series of seriously concerning moves, from a consumer perspective. Pai will reverse the Title 2 consumer protections which included prohibitions against content blocking, speed throttling, as well as regulations that made it unlawful for ISPs to sell their customers’ browsing history to other companies, including advertisers and God knows who else. Major ISPs have said – with their fingers crossed behind their backs – they will not use their new right to sell all of their customers’ data out from under them. They promise. They really mean it.

Net Neutrality VPN

ISPs have long argued that since Facebook and Google make fortunes selling out their customers data, and creepily knowing everything about them, they should get to be this creepy too. You can see their point. No one likes defending Facebook or Google, but they are not your gatekeeper onto the internet, and therefore cannot see what you are doing when you don’t use their services. With ISPs this would not be the case. They would see and know everything about you. Essentially, every fleeting thought and impulse will be their marketable product. They are set to make a lot of money from it. It is no surprise they have been lobbying for these changes for many years, and the second one of their former lawyers was appointed to head their regulatory body all their wildest fantasies came true. It hardly has to be said that all of this necessities a Net Neutrality VPN.

Net Neutrality VPN

Title 2 of the Communications Act made sure the internet was regulated like a utility. This is no longer the case, leaving you and your family open to having your data sold, and your freedoms curtailed, at the drop of a hat. Title 2 gave the FCC the authority to ensure that ISPs in the U.S. like AT&T, Comcast and Verizon couldn’t block, throttle or otherwise interfere with web traffic. Title 2 preserved the internet’s level playing field. All of this is gone, along with all the other Net Neutrality protections. This means every net user should get a VPN for their privacy, their safety, their freedom, and their security. It has become an essential part of everyone’s online defence. The question is on longer: why use a VPN? It’s why aren’t you already.

Net Neutrality VPN

All of this has brought further attention and urgency to the question of individual’s internet security. And there is no wonder. ISPs will now be able to track everything you do online, and now they get to come up with new creative ways to make money with that information, something net companies seem to have an infinite capacity for. See: all recent history. But all of this doesn’t have to be dispiriting. There is a practical solution to all of these problems, and it comes in the form of a responsible VPN like Liberty Shield.

Net Neutrality VPN

VPNs have seen a surge in interest and popularity. It’s not hard to see why, given all of the above. But not all VPNs are made equally. And there is no such thing as free in the world of VPNs. Free VPNs sell your data, while offering the illusion of privacy and security. They are the placebos of the VPN world. But at least with placebos you get a nice sugar tablet. With Free VPNs all you get is a slow connection and no control over your data.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that U.S. based companies are required to hand over any and all information to the federal authorities. This is not the case with Liberty Shield.

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