Netflix VPN Conundrum – Privacy or Entertainment?

Netflix is ploughing ahead with it’s hard-line stance on blocking VPNs on accessing their services, but is it right to wash away your right to privacy with their dirty dishwater?


As of March 2016 Netflix is blocking the IPs of several leading VPN providers, hence culling hundreds of thousands of users from accessing their service by their preferred means of internet connection.  Whilst we can all debate whether it is acceptable or not to use a VPN to switch between Netflix regions it seems outrageous than one of the worlds leading digital content providers is stopping people accessing content they pay for even when in their own country!

In a world where Snooper Charters and FBI/NSA digital surveillance are used as a red herring in the war against terrorism surely the worlds biggest companies need to do more than a full-scale block on VPNs, which is undoubtedly privacy’s best friend.  Apple in it’s encryption case against the FBI is on the right side of the privacy divide, Netflix has now aligned itself on the wrong side.

 OpenMedia has now launched a “My Netflix My Privacy” campaign to help give users a voice and we urge all Netflix users, regardless of whether you use a VPN currently or not to sign this petition.  This will give the OpenMedia team the power necessary to take the message directly to Netflix.  Anyone who remembers Flixter knows that Netflix is not beyond changing course if enough users voice opposition to their strategy.

Regardless of whether or not Netflix chooses to block users from switching regions, the company needs to keep user’s privacy in mind.  There has to be a better solution than their current approach of blocking VPNs outright.  Perhaps Netflix could compare the billing address with the country you are connecting from.  If the two match then don’t block access, even if the IP address is known to belong to a VPN service.  If enough users voice their criticism then Netflix will be more likely to change course.

The use of encryption to help protect your online privacy is growing in importance every day.  As a long time Netflix customer I will be cancelling my account until I can use a VPN from my home country to access the service.  There are plenty of other entertainment options available.  I won’t trade my privacy for a few laughs and I encourage you not to either.

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