What Do New UK UK Surveillance Laws Mean For Digital Privacy

New surveillance laws have been announced by British Home Secretary Theresa May. Under the plans, a list of websites visited by every person in the UK will be recorded for a year and could be made available to police and security services.

The key elements of the so called snooper’s charter, including the bulk collection and storage for 12 months of everyone’s personal data, tracking their use of the web, phones and social media, are now firmly in place following the government’s new investigatory powers bill passed by Theresa May this week.  [ Read More ]

Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

–  Benjamin Franklin


So how can a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or VPN Router help?

If you wish to protect your liberties then our VPN products can fully encrypt all internet activities and we do not keep any usage logs.  Our software VPN’s start from only £6.99 and our ultimate security solution VPN Router is priced at £99.99 with 12 month VPN access included.


If you have a VPN it will fully encrypt the outgoing internet traffic between your computer and the VPN server before it transfers it out through a secure data tunnel, your ISP is no longer able to see either the meta data or the content of the sites you visit or read the emails you send.

With a VPN you will no longer have to worry about your ISP logging the history of your internet browsing habits and potentially giving them scope to provide logs to other authorities or agencies in the future.  Or have the fear of another 14 year old hacking your ISP and this time stealing your personal details along with a list of sites you visit!

Furthermore and probably most important for mainstream web users; since they can no longer spy on your web usage, they no longer have a mechanism or log at their disposal to shape your traffic or throttle/reduce your connection speed.