Safe VPN or Antivirus – Which Is Best?

VPN vs Antivirus – Will a safe VPN protect you better than mainstream Antivirus tools?

By now it’s fairly common knowledge that not all areas of the internet are 100% safe. There are hackers, spies, scamming schemes and viruses just waiting to pounce onto your connection, infect your devices and steal whatever data they can get their hands on. Especially during the Coronavirus Pandemic, it is particularly important to uphold internet security with safe VPN services, and antivirus software. Fun Fact; safe VPN is one of the most searched for terms on Google!

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Ideally, all of your devices should be protected with tools to protect them that can safeguard your data. If you’re someone who has one password for all of your accounts, and just one of your devices becomes compromised; chances are that the hacker will try that password on all of the accounts you own.

But out of antivirus software and safe VPN for pc or mobile, which one is better equipped to protect your devices? Do VPNs and antivirus software actually work? Here at Liberty Shield we’re going to get to the bottom of whether a safe VPN is better for your protection or an antivirus software.

What Threats Do You Need Protection From?

Online threats come in many forms these days, and even if you just use the internet for online shopping or watching BBC iPlayer, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video – it is still a good idea to be protected.

The most common virus types are:

  • Worms – Infectious programmes that infect devices by self-replicating
  • Trojans – Programmes that are disguised as helpful apps but are equipped with hidden viruses inside.

Computer viruses are destructive because they can erase essential files, and even destroy the hardware on your device making it unusable.


How Does a VPN for PC or VPN for Mobile Protect Your Information?

When it comes to identifying the best VPN for your devices, above all you want the VPN to have a high level of end to end encryption. VPNs use a process called Tunnelling to hide and encrypt your data. If there are gaps in the tunnel, then hackers can see the information you’re sending and receiving on your devices. A safe VPN will allow you to be anonymous while online, primarily by connecting your device to a secure server which conceals the true location of your IP address (location of your device).

How Does An Antivirus Software Protect Your Devices?

Picture this; you’re looking to download a file and the only place you can find it online is from a website you’ve never been to before. There is a risk that within that digital file there are infectious viruses waiting to infect your device.

It’d be unlikely that you’d get a virus by logging onto BBC iPlayer, Netflix or Disney+ but there’s simply no way of knowing when a virus is going to infect your device – unless you have an antivirus software.

An antivirus software is constantly working within your device, looking for suspicious files that could endanger the integrity of your device. It’s like a filtration system, and once it has found a file that doesn’t look quite right, it isolates and removes the threat without you having to intervene.

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VPN for PC and VPN for Mobile or Antivirus – Which one is better?

When it comes to the big decision on which is better for your protection, ultimately both are equipped to deal with different threats. A Safe VPN will protect you from being stalked online, access geo-blocked content and not logging your internet sessions. While a strong antivirus will identify suspicious files and remove those infected files from causing havoc on your devices.

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