Set your Sony Smart TV to US or UK

The next TV you buy is highly likely to be a Smart TV, these internet enabled TVs allow you to access various media content through integrated apps via your TV remote control.  But how can you change the regional settings of your TV to USA or UK?

The best Sony TV regions are the US and the UK . With apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, BBC iPlayer etc. In order to unblock and watch American or UK channels on your Sony Bravia TV or BD Player, you need to setup a VPN.

However the TVs themselves have no menu option to setup a VPN – so this is where a VPN Router comes into its own.  Connect your Sony TV to a USA or UK VPN Router, change the default country in the TV menu and then a whole new selection of apps become available for the region you select.

Fortunately Liberty Shield’s range of VPN Routers are fully compatible with Sony TVs – these routers can be set to USA or UK and are available with Worldwide Shipping for only £12.99




Only follow the steps listed below after you connect your  Sony Smart TV or BD Player to a UK or USA VPN Router.

1. First, click the “Home” button on your remote control.
2. Then, go to “Settings” and choose “Network”.
3. Press “Refresh Internet Content”.
4. Once done, depending on your VPN or Smart DNS configuration, US/UK apps will appear in your Sony Smart TV menu.



Changing the region on your Samsung Smart TV isn’t enough though! Your internet connection also needs to be set as local within the region you have set on the TV.  This can be achieved with a low cost VPN Router (Worldwide Shipping) – these routers (supplied by Liberty Shield) are simply plugged in to your existing ISP router and will provide a new WiFi zone in your home or office the county you want; you can then connect all your tech devices to the new WiFi zone for the region.

For example: Buy a pre-configured UK VPN Router and your Smart TV, tablet, smartphone, computers etc will be able to access BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, All 4 etc.