Why You Should Use VPN On Your iPhone or Android – Smartphone VPN

Using a Smartphone VPN on your iPhone or Android device is just a few clicks away.

If you value security and privacy while using a Mac or PC on the internet, you should be concerned about security and privacy when it comes to your iPhone or Android. All internet activity transmits through a secure, encrypted connection which both masks and protects you from hackers online. The majority of modern devices will have a good level of security, but a good VPN provides extra benefits.  Fun Fact: Smartphone VPN is one of the most popular search phrases on Google!

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Do You Need a Smartphone VPN?

Mobile devices these days are the windows to the soul: they hold your family photos, where you live, banking details and even who we talk to. During all of this, information is passing through a network which could become compromised. Having an iPhone VPN or Android VPN is the key to adding extra layers of security for all your internet related habits.

Anonymity with Smartphone VPN

One of the main benefits of using a VPN for mobile devices is so that Internet Service Providers and third-party services cannot snoop on you. No one wants to feel as though their every keystroke or mouse movement is being watched by someone. Any good iPhone VPN or Android VPN will keep you completely anonymous online.

Secure Internet Connection

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, visits to public areas with public Wi-Fi have drastically reduced. When places like retail shops and cafes begin to open back up again; will you connect your mobile phone to the connection? Think of how many times you have taken advantage of free public Wi-Fi without the use of an iPhone VPN or an Android VPN.

As good as the idea of public Wi-Fi is, they’re not great when it comes to security. A lot of them won’t even ask you for a password, which may be convenient when you need to Google something quickly; but this exposes your device to any hackers so they can access your devices as they send and receive data from across that connection. Using a good iPhone VPN or Android VPN provides your devices and data with a secure internet connection and you with ease of mind.

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Getting The Best Smartphone VPN

Now that we’ve looked at some compelling arguments to download an iPhone VPN or an Android VPN; now we need to find out which is the best VPN service. If you were to run a search for “iPhone VPN provider” or “Android VPN provider”, you may be overwhelmed by the amount of options: some are highly rated, some are poorly rated, some cost and some are even free. Fun fact – While a Free VPN will save you money, they aren’t always the best alternative to a Paid VPN. Take a look at our analysis here

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