VPN & Proxy Use Surges Worldwide for BBC iPlayer, Amazon & Netflix

The Guardian is reporting (click here) recent research suggests that as many as 60 million people around the world are bypassing internet restrictions to watch BBC iPlayer shows online.

Countries such as China and India are lapping up the free online streaming offered by the BBC as well as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

It is somewhat ironic that the BBC closed down it’s global pay-per-month version of BBC iPlayer last month (click here) following a dispute with rights holders in the USA.

The upshot is that more and more people around the world have turned to low cost VPN and Proxy services to bypass Geo Blocking technology, effectively allowing them to place all their tech devices (computers, tablets, smart phones, games consoles, smart TVs etc) in virtually any country they wish, whenever they want.


Liberty Shield offer a range of VPN and Proxy services and our users should always ensure to familiarise themselves with the terms and conditions of third party websites.

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These hybrid routers simply plug-in (with supplied cable) to your existing internet router and provide a separate WiFi network in your home or office for the country which the VPN Router is configured for.  This means you can watch localised content such as BBC iPlayer, Netflix and Amazon Prime from anywhere on connected devices; including NOW TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, PlayStation, X Box, Wii and much more.


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