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With The Great British Bake Off and Taskmaster with an All 4 VPN and Mock The Week on Netflix VPN, there is plenty to be excited about on TV.

British people are known for their dry sense of humour, wit, and sarcasm. British panel shows are always up for a laugh, especially if it includes roasting one another. Nothing brings this out more than friendly competition. Even in these unusual times, these shows are ready to make you laugh until your stomach hurts. Some even helped people though lockdown. You can see these programs with an All 4 VPN and Netflix VPN in the UK and abroad with Liberty Shield.

All 4 VPN

Watch The Great British Bake Off Stand Up 2 Cancer (GBBO SU2C) on All 4 VPN

What happens when you have all types of celebrities, put them in a tent, and make them compete against one another by baking to impress judges and to raise money for cancer? You get this program. Since its creation in 2018, GBBO SU2C has slowly become a competition that many people look forward to watching. In 2020, there was an average of 5 million viewers for this show.

The Great British Bake Off Stand Up 2 Cancer all 4 vpn

Many of these celebrities have never baked before. Because of this, many of them panic, which often leads to hilarious mistakes. The host Matt Lucas , judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith and other contestants all get a laugh at the end. The judges are more relaxed, but still expect something edible at the end of the challenges (yes, that’s how low the bar goes in this edition of GBBO). Other than the technical challenge, the bakers can design their bakes, with many either coming off horrifying or funny in design. Many try to be serious, but usually something goes wrong. This instances are some of the funniest moments of the show. Some contestants even have huge successes and surprise everyone.

As hilarious as this program is, it also does bring awareness to Stand Up 2 Cancer. Featuring true stories of victims and survivors of cancer, this program gives them a voice. The celebrities also open up as many of them have had relatives who have suffered from cancer. In total, the program has raised over £62 million for cancer research and will continue to raise more as the new series comes to UK screens in spring 2021.

Whilst only one season of the regular GBBO is on US Netflix, this spin-off is only available on All 4. It’s a helpful initiative that will leave your stomach hurting from laughing so much for a cause everyone can help in.


Watch Taskmaster with All 4

Created by Alex Horne as a show on the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2009, Taskmaster was adapted to TV in 2015. Horne plays the assistant to Taskmaster Greg Davis, who tasks contestants (usually comedians) with unusual tasks using household objects in the most creative way possible. The tasks are worded vaguely, often get misunderstood by the contestants or the task has a twist in some way. An example of this is “Find a box to put all the glasses in. The smallest box wins.”

Taskmaster All 4 VPN

Most of the tasks are pre-recorded. The comedians are sent to the Taskmaster’s house, given instructions by Horne, and then they are left to their devices. At the studio months later, the taskmaster then gets to review how they did and give the best and most creative approach to these tasks points. The contestants are also there, either bragging or defending themselves. Some tasks are performed in teams, whilst others are given individual tasks. In the end, the contestants with the most points at the end of their season receive a trophy, which is a gold bust of Greg Davis.

This series is so successful, garnering positive reviews. Many praise the banter between Greg Davis and the contestants when they are talking about the tasks. Many also praised how points were given, as well as ruthless the Taskmaster can be. The show, Horne and Davis have been awarded BAFTAs as well as other awards. Other spin-offs have been made in Belgium, Sweden, Spain, Denmark, and New Zealand.

During the lockdown, Horne began #HomeTasking from March to June 2020. He asked the public instead to perform tasks similar to the ones on the show in their own home. The tasks were simple ones such as ‘create the best domino rally.’ The public then submits a video of them doing said task on Twitter using the hashtag. Davis and Horne judge these and the best was published on the Taskmaster’s YouTube page in a compilation. This was positively received with 1000’s getting creative and helping people pass the time whilst in lockdown. This concept is still ongoing, with a season 2 live now.

It’s ridiculous and witty, and entertaining for hours on end. Every contestant has you questioning whether they are secretly geniuses, or they make you laugh from how ridiculous their solutions are. You will not regret watching this show in its fullest on All 4.


Watch Mock The Week with Netflix VPN

Mock The Week is considered a rite of passage for up-and-coming comedians to get their name out there. The show follows 6 comedians in two teams of three. In their teams, they are each given prompts about the latest current events. Even though it is a quiz show, the focus is on the comedic aspect of the jokes. The umpire Dara O’Brien usually decides who gets the points based on who says the right answer in the question stage, and who’s jokes are better in the stand-up sections.

Mock The Week Netflix VPN

Comedian Hugh Dennis also regularly appears and has been praised for his improvisation skills. These skills can be seen in the stand-up sections, where a randomised wheel chooses a topic for them to use. The more relaxed take on serious news is far from the earlier seasons where the competitive aspect was taken far more seriously. Comedian Ed Gamble does credit the more loose and relaxed tone for the show’s longevity. He says to Digital Spy during an interview, “It used to be a bit like a machine gun of topical jokes, which is great, and I love watching them back. But now there’s a looser, funner element to it.”

Since 2005, this show has tackled many tough subjects from the news. Lockdown and social distancing were not going to be ignored. When season 19 premiered, many procedures were taken in place. The comedians were separated by perspex sheets. Audiences were on Zoom as well as in groups of 4 2 meters apart from one another in the studio. Classically, the comedians roasted everything about the lockdown and the new changes. From funny incidences they have experienced with panic buying, the lockdown tier system, and face masks, they choose to focus on the hilarious side of the news and COVID-19.

Season 16, 17 and 18 are not lacking either. Due to the ever-changing panellists, there is always a new range of comedy to sink your teeth into. If you’re looking for new talent and new comedians to look forward to, check out Mock the Week on Netflix.


Where can I watch these shows?

Taskmaster and GBBO SU2C are currently on All 4, a UK exclusive free streaming service. All 4 is known for these type of shows. Similar shows are 8 out of 10 does Countdown, The Big Fat Quiz of the Year, and 8 Out of 10 Cats. There are also nostalgic shows like Malcolm in the Middle (2000-2007), dramas such as Deadwater Fell (2020), and international dramas like Belgian drama The Twelve (2020). Outside of the UK, you will need a VPN to access these because the website is geoblocked based on the IP address being used to access it.

Mock The Week seasons 16, 17, and 18  are available on UK Netflix. Netflix is available in over 190 countries. But many countries have regionally locked content. From international films, independent dramas, and producing their own “N Series” all over the world, Netflix has an abundance of content to stream. So, even if you have Netflix, you may not be able to see this show on there. On the other side, there are more international films and TV shows in other regions of the world. To access those, you need a VPN.

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This is basically because their streaming services are geoblocked based on the IP address being used to access it.

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