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This time of year, romance is everywhere. Valentines’ day, discounted chocolate and wine and, of course, romantic films such as Titanic (1997) and The Notebook (2004). But, what if you’re not in the mood for a hard-core romance this time? Then, we’ve got you sorted! From a film about a man wanting connection, a film based on comedy through tragedy to a not so typical period film, these underrated films are bound to entertain you for hours on end with the help of Liberty Shield VPN. Fun Fact: All4 VPN is one of the most searched phrases on Google!

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Watch Benjamin (2018) with Liberty Shield VPN

Benjamin (2018) is one of the most underrated comedy dramas out there. A young filmmaker named Benjamin (Colin Morgan) is about to debut his second film and fears losing everything. He finds himself struggling with the connection until he meets a young French musician called Noah (Phénix Brossard). 

Despite the romantic setting of London, there is very little focus on romance. The core of this film is Benjamin’s search for connection. From the beginning, Benjamin is shown to be filled with self-doubt, especially when it comes to his ability to connect with other people. Noah helps him through this. Of course, there is romance, but the film never forgets its key focus is on finding a connection with someone. After this last year of lockdown, many people can empathize with just wanting some form of connection.

The humour in this film stems from the characters and interactions. The awkwardness between both characters feel realistic and slowly eases away as they get to know one another. This is even demonstrated through the excellent lighting and direction. The film starts up gloomy and dark, similar to our lead character’s state of mind. As the film progresses, more light appears. This, along with the realistic portrayal of a relationship between Benjamin and Noah, got this film excellent reviews and even winning awards for its representation.


Watch Love and Friendship (2016) with Liberty Shield VPN

This period rom-com is not the typical romance. Based on the novel Lady Susan by Jane Austen, the film follows Lady Susan (Kate Beckinsale) who is a recent widow. She seeks a wealthy man to be financially stable.

Lady Susan is not your typical protagonist. Right from the start, it is clear she is manipulative and uses seduction and wit to get what she wants. This is made abundantly clear when she unashamedly admits she has had an affair with Lord Manwaring (Lochlann Ó Mearáin), a married man. This is also seen when she tries to set her daughter, Frederica Vernon (Morfydd Clark) up against her will to further her financial gains.

This theme of manipulation is everywhere. From her bitter relationship with her brother-in-law’s wife Catherine Venom (Emma Greenwell) to her choice of younger suitors, Lady Susan is constantly manipulating the situation to what best suits her. This is so refreshing when in this period, women were seen as more delicate. But you can’t help but love to hate her.

This cunning often contrasts many of the more absurd moments of comedy. Usually provided by Sir James (Tom Bennet), the joke sometimes is just other people’s reactions to his antics.  It’s absurd but the film never forgets who the real star is as Lady Susan steals the scene anytime she is on the screen.


Watch Miss You Already (2015) with Liberty Shield VPN

Following Benjamin’s approach to romantic-comedies, this film empathizes on heartfelt connection and friendship more than romance. The film premise is that two lifelong friends, Milly (Toni Collette) and Jess (Drew Barrymore) struggle to keep their friendship alive through life’s trials.

The film goes through a realistic view of friendships breaking and mending through life’s challenges. From the treatment of cancer to the trials of IVF treatment, the main focus of the film is the friendship between Milly and Jess. This is also where most of the humour stems from. Both actresses are synched perfectly with one another, depicting humour as a coping mechanism. The friends have conversations that are fast, sarcastic, and filled with jabs at one another that only real friends will make.

That being said, there is some element of romance here. Kit (Dominic Cooper) and Milly demonstrate how cancer can tear a young family apart as well as the strain it can put on their loved ones. Milly explaining what chemotherapy is to her young children is a tear-jerker as it accurately replicates what many families have to go through. Jess and Jago (Paddy Considine) finally are starting their families and the contrast of her friend dying and her becoming a mum puts a reasonable strain on her.

The film is not shy of showing the scars of chemotherapy, the mental strain of death constantly looming over you, and the thought of the people you love moving on. This heart-warming film is a real tear-jerker and isn’t ashamed of it.


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