Watch France Free Live Streaming – FIFA World Cup 2018

One of the most important sides in world football, France is looking to make history at this year’s FIFA World Cup 2018. But how can you watch France free live streaming and not miss a game during this year’s competition? The answer to that question is below. But suffice it to say it’s Liberty Shield. Liberty Shield is a reliably functional VPN you can trust.

The story lines surrounding this great nation going into the world cup are too many to enumerate. A fantastic competition lies ahead for all football fans. But how to watch France free live streaming? Answers below.


France clinched their place at the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia by topping Europe’s Group A, continuing a run of appearing at every tournament since 1994. Watch France Free Live Streaming.

Watch France Free Live Streaming Group Fixtures
  • 📅 16th June – 🇫🇷 France vs. 🇦🇺 Australia (BBC) ⌚ 1100
  • 📅 21st June – 🇫🇷 France vs. 🇵🇪 Peru (ITV) ⌚ 1600
  • 📅 26th June – 🇫🇷 France vs. 🇩🇰 Denmark (ITV) ⌚ 1500

All times are UK kick-offs.

Watch France Free Live Streaming World Stats
  • 14 Appearances
  • 1 Titles
  • 9 FIFA Ranking position

ITV BBC World Cup match split

ITV will show the opening match of the tournament between hosts Russia and Saudi Arabia on 14 June, as well as England’s final group game against Belgium. The BBC will show England’s first two group matches against Tunisia and Panama. ITV will show all three of Brazil’s group games. ITV will have first and second pick of the round of 16 and first pick of the semi-finals, while the BBC has first pick of the quarter-finals. Both ITV and BBC will show the final. ITV BBC World Cup match split is below. Watch France Free Live Streaming.

ITV BBC World Cup match split

Niall Sloane, ITV Director of Sport, said: “The build up to the World Cup has now begun and we’re looking forward to bringing viewers entertaining and comprehensive coverage on ITV, ITV4 and the ITV Hub, as well as on social media. Once again, the World Cup starts on ITV with the host country’s opening game on 14 June and we have live coverage of some of most outstanding matches drawn from the group stages with England v Belgium as well as all three of tournament joint favourites Brazil’s games. ITV will have the first two picks of the first knock-out phase and the first pick of the semi-finals. ITV’s on and off screen team will be busy during the next six months preparing to bring our viewers all the best action and insight and all the stories that will shape the World Cup in Russia.” ITV BBC World Cup match split is below. Watch France Free Live Streaming.

ITV BBC World Cup match split

Philip Bernie, BBC Head of TV Sport said: “We’re delighted with our selection of matches, which sees the BBC bring England’s first two games of the competition live to our audiences, as well as their potential quarter final. We are also very pleased to be showcasing the skills of the world’s best players, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, in five of their Group matches. The BBC is proud to be offering such an enticing array of games on football’s biggest stage, as we look to deliver to audiences unprecedented, extensive access to World Cup content across TV, radio, online and social media.” ITV BBC World Cup match split is below. Watch France Free Live Streaming.

How to Watch France Free Live Streaming…

When you load BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub in the USA, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal, Australia, Dubai, Canada etc. you will get an error message.

BBC iPlayer TV and ITV Hub programmes are available to play in the UK only.

ITV Geoblock Error VPN

This is basically because their streaming services are geoblocked based on the IP address being used to access it. You must be a UK domestic web user to access BBC live TV, and ITV live TV, streaming and catchup with BBC iPlayer, and ITV Hub.

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The full ITV BBC World Cup match split is outlined in the table below.

FIFA WORLD CUP 2018 – TV SCHEDULE ITV BBC World Cup match split

All times are UK kick-offs.

GROUP STAGE ITV BBC World Cup match split
  • Match Venue Day Date Time Teams Channel
  • 1 MLU Thu 14-Jun 1600 Russia v Saudi Arabia ITV
  • 2 EKT Fri 15-Jun 1300 Egypt v Uruguay BBC
  • 3 SCH Fri 15-Jun 1900 Portugal v Spain BBC
  • 4 SPB Fri 15-Jun 1600 Morocco v IR Iran ITV
  • 5 KZN Sat 16-Jun 1100 France v Australia BBC
  • 6 SRS Sat 16-Jun 1700 Peru v Denmark BBC
  • 7 MSP Sat 16-Jun 1400 Argentina v Iceland ITV
  • 8 KGD Sat 16-Jun 2000 Croatia v Nigeria ITV
  • 9 RND Sun 17-Jun 1900 Brazil v Switzerland ITV
  • 10 SMR Sun 17-Jun 1300 Costa Rica v Serbia ITV
  • 11 MLU Sun 17-Jun 1600 Germany v Mexico BBC
  • 12 NNO Mon 18-Jun 1300 Sweden v Korea Rep ITV
  • 13 SCH Mon 18-Jun 1600 Belgium v Panama BBC
  • 14 VLG Mon 18-Jun 1900 Tunisia v England BBC
  • 15 MSP Tue 19-Jun 1600 Poland v Senegal ITV
  • 16 SRS Tue 19-Jun 1300 Colombia v Japan BBC
  • 17 SPB Tue 19-Jun 1900 Russia v Egypt BBC
  • 18 RND Wed 20-Jun 1600 Uruguay v Saudi Arabia BBC
  • 19 MLU Wed 20-Jun 1300 Portugal v Morocco BBC
  • 20 KZN Wed 20-Jun 1900 IR Iran v Spain ITV
  • 21 EKT Thu 21-Jun 1600 France v Peru ITV
  • 22 SMR Thu 21-Jun 1300 Denmark v Australia ITV
  • 23 NNO Thu 21-Jun 1900 Argentina v Croatia BBC
  • 24 VLG Fri 22-Jun 1600 Nigeria v Iceland BBC
  • 25 SPB Fri 22-Jun 1300 Brazil v Costa Rica ITV
  • 26 KGD Fri 22-Jun 1900 Serbia v Switzerland BBC
  • 27 SCH Sat 23-Jun 1900 Germany v Sweden ITV
  • 28 RND Sat 23-Jun 1600 Korea Rep v Mexico ITV
  • 29 MSP Sat 23-Jun 1300 Belgium v Tunisia BBC
  • 30 NNO Sun 24-Jun 1300 England v Panama BBC
  • 31 KZN Sun 24-Jun 1900 Poland v Colombia ITV
  • 32 EKT Sun 24-Jun 1600 Japan v Senegal BBC
  • 33 SMR Mon 25-Jun 1500 Uruguay v Russia ITV
  • 34 VLG Mon 25-Jun 1500 Saudi Arabia v Egypt ITV 4
  • 35 SRS Mon 25-Jun 1900 IR Iran v Portugal BBC
  • 36 KGD Mon 25-Jun 1900 Spain v Morocco BBC
  • 37 MLU Tue 26-Jun 1500 Denmark v France ITV
  • 38 SCH Tue 26-Jun 1500 Australia v Peru ITV 4
  • 39 SPB Tue 26-Jun 1900 Nigeria v Argentina BBC
  • 40 RND Tue 26-Jun 1900 Iceland v Croatia BBC
  • 41 MSP Wed 27-Jun 1900 Serbia v Brazil ITV
  • 42 NNO Wed 27-Jun 1900 Switzerland v Costa Rica ITV 4
  • 43 KZN Wed 27-Jun 1500 Korea Rep v Germany BBC
  • 44 EKT Wed 27-Jun 1500 Mexico v Sweden BBC
  • 45 KGD Thu 28-Jun 1900 England v Belgium ITV
  • 46 SRS Thu 28-Jun 1900 Panama v Tunisia ITV 4
  • 47 VLG Thu 28-Jun 1500 Japan v Poland BBC
  • 48 SMR Thu 28-Jun 1500 Senegal v Colombia BBC

MLU – Moscow Luzhniki
EKT – Ekaterinburg
SCH – Sochi
SPB – St Petersburg
KZN – Kazan
SRS – Saransk
MSP – Moscow Spartak
KGD – Kaliningrad
RND – Rostov-on-Don
SMR – Samara
NNO – Nizhny Novgorod
VLG – Volgograd5-stars-trust-pilot