How To Watch Winter Olympics Anywhere Live Streaming Online

Nothing in the world of sports is quite like the Olympics, whether the summer games or their winter variant. Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018 is no different. Read on to unblock all geographic restrictions.

The International Olympic committee has a stranglehold on world broadcast rights of this great event, as well as the summer version of this conference of sport. Their business model depends on restricting the freedom of consumers to watch their preferred coverage of this event, whether or not they are currently outside the host region of that coverage. Fortunately Liberty Shield has the tools you need to watch Winter Olympics anywhere.

Read below for Liberty Shield’s foolproof, and straightforward, guide to unlocking the coverage of the 2018 Winter Olympics you wish to see, where you are. Making it possible to watch Winter Olympics anywhere.

PyeongChang 2018 will be the first Olympics in South Korea since the 1988 Seoul Summer Games. A dozen venues in PyeongChang and its sub-host cities of Gangneung and Jeongseon will stage seven sports across 15 disciplines, with 102 gold medals, a record for the Winter Olympics, at stake. The PyeongChang Organizing Committee for the 2018 Olympic & Paralympic Winter Games (POCOG) estimates some 90 countries will send about 6,000 athletes and officials to participate.

watch Winter Olympics anywhere

The 12 venues are all located within 30 minutes of each other, and the compact venue concept helped PyeongChang win its bid in 2011. The PyeongChang Mountain Cluster will be home to Alpensia Biathlon Centre, Cross-Country Skiing Centre, Ski Jumping Centre, Sliding Centre, Bokwang Snow Park and Yongpyong Alpine Centre. Venues in Gangneung are some 20 kilometers east of the PyeongChang Mountain Cluster, and facilities there are Gangneung Curling Centre, Gangneung Hockey Centre, Gangneung Ice Arena, Gangneung Oval and Kwandong Hockey Centre. You can watch Winter Olympics anywhere with Liberty Shield.

watch Winter Olympics anywhere

Jeongseon Alpine Centre is the lone venue in Jeongseon, about 20 kilometers south of PyeongChang, and will host all alpine skiing races. Six of the 12 venues have been newly constructed for the Olympics, while six existing facilities have been refurbished for the competition. Gangneung Ice Arena, the venue for short track and figure skating, and Gangneung Oval, which will hold speed skating races, have already staged international and domestic competitions. Other venues have staged several Olympic test events in sports, such as snowboarding, bobsleigh, skeleton, biathlon, ski jumping and curling. You can watch Winter Olympics anywhere with Liberty Shield.

watch Winter Olympics anywhere

South Korea has set out to collect up to 20 medals at PyeongChang 2018, including eight gold, and finish among the top five in the medal race for only the second time in its Winter Olympics history. At the 2014 Sochi Winter Games, South Korea grabbed three gold, three silver and two bronze medals to rank 13th. South Korea’s best Winter Games performance came at Vancouver 2010, where it won six gold medals and hauled in a record 14 medals total to finish fifth. The host country is also hoping to be represented in all seven sports, with about 130 athletes in action. In Sochi four years ago, South Korea had 71 athletes in six sports.  You can watch Winter Olympics anywhere with Liberty Shield.

watch Winter Olympics anywhere

All 26 Winter Olympic gold medals by South Korea have come from ice events — short track, speed skating and figure skating. South Korea is once again expected to earn most of its medals from the ice, but is also eyeing potentially historic performances in skeleton and bobsleigh. The gold and silver medals for PyeongChang are 99.9 percent silver, and the gold medal is plated with 6g of gold. The bronze medal is made of red brass. PyeongChang said it will create 259 sets of the medals. Of them, 222 of them will be awarded to the medal winners at the Olympics, and five sets will be set aside in case of ties. The IOC will retain 25 sets for display overseas, and seven other sets will be exhibited in South Korea. You can watch Winter Olympics anywhere with Liberty Shield.

Olympic Streaming Channels – Watch Winter Olympics Anywhere

BBC iPlayer (UK)
CBC (Canada)
ARD (Germany)
ZDF (Germany)
France TV (France)
RTVE (Spain)
NBC Sports (USA)

How to watch Winter Olympics Anywhere on all of the above streaming services…

When you load BBC iPlayer, or any of the other above services, depending where you are; in the USA, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal, Australia, Dubai, Canada etc. you will get an error message.

BBC iPlayer TV programmes are available to play in the UK only.

Watch BBC Sport outside UK

This is basically because their streaming services are geoblocked based on the IP address being used to access it. You must be a UK domestic web user to access BBC live TV streaming and catchup with BBC iPlayer. Or American to watch NBC, etc.

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watch Winter Olympics anywhere

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2018 Schedule – Watch Winter Olympics Anywhere
  • February 8 
    • Curling — Mixed doubles round robin
    • Ski Jumping — Qualification
  • February 9
    • Curling — Mixed doubles round robin
    • Figure Skating — Men’s and pairs
    • Freestyle Skiing — Qualifying, men’s and women’s mogul
  • February 10
    • Biathlon — Women’s 7.5 km sprint
    • Cross-Country Skiing — Women’s 7.5km skiathlon
    • Curling — Mixed doubles round robin
    • Women’s Hockey — Preliminary Round: Japan vs. Sweden, Switzerland vs. South Korea
    • Luge —Men’s heat races
    • Short Track — Qualification: women’s 3000m and 500m relay, men’s 1500m
    • Ski Jumping — Normal hill
    • Snowboarding — Men’s slopestyle qualifying
    • Speed Skating — Women’s 3000m
  • February 11
    • Alpine Skiing — Men’s downhill
    • Biathlon — Men’s 10 km sprint
    • Cross-Country Skiing — Men’s 15 km skiathlon
    • Curling — Mixed doubles round robin
    • Figure Skating — Short dance, ladies short program, pairs free skate
    • Freestyle Skiing — Women’s moguls
    • Women’s Hockey — United States vs. Finland, Canada vs. Olympic Athletes from Russia
    • Luge — Men’s heat races
    • Snowboarding — Men’s slopestyle final, women’s slopestyle
    • Speed Skating — Men’s 5000m
  • February 12
    • Alpine Skiing — Women’s giant slalom
    • Biathlon — Men’s and women’s pursuit events
    • Curling — Mixed doubles semifinals
    • Figure Skating — Men’s and ladies free skate, ice dance free dance
    • Freestyle Skiing — Men’s moguls
    • Women’s Hockey — Switzerland vs. Japan, Sweden vs. South Korea
    • Luge — Women’s heat races
    • Ski Jumping — Women’s competition
    • Snowboarding — Women’s slopestyle final, women’s halfpipe qualifying
    • Speed Skating — Women’s 1500m
  • February 13
    • Alpine Skiing — Men’s alpine combined
    • Cross-Country Skiing — Men’s and women’s individual sprint finals
    • Curling — Mixed doubles bronze and gold medal matches
    • Women’s Hockey — Canada vs. Finland, United States vs. Olympic Athletes from Russia
    • Luge — Women’s heat races
    • Short Track — Women’s 500m final, men’s 1000m qualifying, men’s 5000m relay qualifying
    • Snowboarding — Women’s halfpipe final, men’s halfpipe
    • Speed Skating — Men’s 1500m
  • February 14
    • Alpine Skiing — Women’s slalom
    • Biathlon — Women’s 15km individual
    • Curling — Men’s and women’s round robin
    • Figure Skating — Pairs short program
    • Men’s Hockey — Preliminary round: United States vs. Slovenia
    • Luge — Doubles competition
    • Snowboarding — Men’s halfpipe final
    • Speed Skating — Women’s 1000m
  • February 15 
    • Alpine Skiing —  Men’s super-G
    • Biathlon — Men’s 20km individual
    • Cross-Country Skiing — Women’s 10km individual
    • Curling — Men’s and women’s round robin
    • Figure Skating — Pairs free skate
    • Freestyle skiing — Women’s aerials qualifying
    • Women’s hockey — Preliminary matches include United States vs. Canada
    • Men’s hockey — Preliminary matches
    • Luge — Team relay competition
    • Skeleton — Men’s competition: heat races
    • Snowboarding — Men’s cross
    • Speed Skating — Men’s 10,000m
  • February 16
    • Cross-Country Skiing — Men’s 15km individual
    • Curling — Men’s and women’s round robin
    • Figure Skating — Men’s short programs
    • Freestyle Skiing — Women’s aerials final
    • Men’s Hockey — Preliminary matches include United States vs. Slovakia
    • Ski Jumping — Men’s large hill qualifying
    • Snowboarding — Women’s cross
    • Speed Skating — Women’s 5000m
  • February 17
    • Alpine Skiing — Women’s super-G
    • Biathlon — Women’s 12.5km mass start
    • Cross-Country Skiing — Women’s 4x5km relay
    • Curling — Men’s and women’s round robin
    • Figure Skating — Men’s short program final
    • Freestyle Skiing — Women’s slopestyle qualifying, final; men’s aerials qualifying
    • Men’s Hockey — Preliminary matches include United States vs. Canada
    • Women’s Hockey — Two knockout round matches
    • Short Track — Men’s 1500m, women’s 1000m
    • Skeleton — Women’s heat races
    • Ski Jumping — Men’s large hill
  • February 18
    • Alpine Skiing — Men’s giant slalom
    • Biathlon — Men’s 15km mass start
    • Bobsled — Two-man sled heat races
    • Cross-Country Skiing — Men’s 4x10km relay
    • Curling — Men’s and women’s round robin
    • Freestyle Skiing — Men’s slopestyle qualifying, final; men’s aerials final
    • Men’s Hockey — Preliminary matches include Sweden vs. Finland
    • Women’s Hockey — Classification matches
    • Speed Skating — Women’s 500m, men’s team pursuit qualifying
  • February 19
    • Bobsled — Two-man heat races
    • Curling — Men’s and women’s round robin
    • Figure Skating — Ice dancers
    • Fresstyle Skiing — Women’s halfpipe qualifying
    • Women’s Hockey — Semifinals
    • Ski Jumping — Team competition
    • Snowboarding — Women’s big air qualifying
    • Speed Skating — Women’s team pursuit qualifying
  • February 20
    • Biathlon — Mixed relay
    • Bobsled — Women’s heat races
    • Curling — Men’s and women’s round robin
    • Figure Skating — Ice dance, free dance
    • Freestyle Skiing — Women’s halfpipe final, men’s halfpipe qualifying
    • Men’s Hockey — Knockout rounds
    • Women’s Hockey — Classification matches
    • Nordic Combined — Large hill competition
    • Short Track — Women’s 1000m qualifying, men’s 500m qualifying, women’s 3000m relay final
  • February 21
    • Alpine Skiing — Women’s downhill
    • Bobsled — Women’s heat races
    • Cross-Country Skiing — Men’s and women’s sprint semifinals
    • Curling — Men’s and women’s round robin
    • Figure Skating — Ladies short program
    • Freestyle Skiing — Men’s cross
    • Men’s Hockey — Quarterfinals
    • Snowboarding — Men’s big air qualifying
    • Speed Skating — Men’s and women’s team pursuit finals
  • February 22
    • Alpine Skiing — Men’s slalom
    • Biathlon — Women’s 4x6km relay
    • Curling — Men’s semifinals
    • Freestyle Skiing — Men’s halfpipe final
    • Women’s Hockey — Bronze and gold medal matches
    • Nordic Combined — Team competition
    • Short Track — Men’s 500m finals, women’s 1000m finals, men’s 5000m relay
    • Snowboarding — Men’s and women’s parallel giant slalom qualifying
  • February 23
    • Alpine Skiing — Women’s alpine combined
    • Biathlon — Men’s 4×7.7km relay
    • Curling — Men’s and women’s semifinals
    • Figure Skating — Ladies free skate
    • Freestyle Skiing — Women’s cross
    • Men’s Hockey — Semifinal matches
    • Snowboarding — Women’s big air final
    • Speed Skating — Men’s 1000m final
  • February 24
    • Alpine Skiing — Team event
    • Bobsled — Four-man competition heat races
    • Cross-Country Skiing — Men’s 50km mass start
    • Curling — Men’s gold and silver match, women’s bronze match
    • Men’s Hockey — Bronze medal match
    • Snowboarding — Men’s big air final, men’s and women’s giant parallel slalom finals
    • Speed Skating — Men’s and women’s mass start
  • February 25
    • Bobsled — Four-man heat races
    • Cross-Country Skiing — Women’s 30km mass start
    • Curling — Women’s gold medal match
    • Figure Skating — Exhibition gala
    • Men’s Hockey — Gold medal match