How To Watch BBC iPlayer Box Sets Outside UK

The BBC are serious about hosting more content than ever on BBC iPlayer. The prime example of this is their increased commitment to box sets of current and classic programmes. The BBC’s announcement that it will continue to host increased content in the form of box sets, has prompted many outside the UK to ask how exactly they can get in on the action. Read below to find out how to watch BBC Box Sets outside UK.

The BBC’s Box Set project, in conjunction with iPlayer, has led to unprecedented traffic to their flagship streaming service. And with the BBC’s continued commitment to this project, this spike in traffic looks set to continue. The unprecedented enthusiasm of viewers outside the UK to view these box sets, has left many asking how they can get in on the action. Liberty Shield has a straightforward solution to this problem. Read below to find out how to watch BBC Box Sets outside UK.

A Christmas treat of box-sets have helped BBC iPlayer achieve its best week on record. Viewers spent more time and streamed more programmes on BBC iPlayer than in any previous week. Christmas week (Monday December 25 to Sunday December 31) was BBC iPlayer’s best ever week, both for requests (69.2 million) and for weekly hours (25.6 million). That was considerably up on December 25-31 last year, when there were 58.6m requests and 22.5m hours watched. Read below to find out how to watch BBC Box Sets outside UK.

BBC Box Sets Outside UK

A host of box-sets and classic programmes made available for people to enjoy during the holidays – from Peaky Blinders and Line of Duty to family favourite animation Stick Man – contributed to BBC iPlayer’s record-breaking week. The extra content has so far been requested more than 29.4 million times – an average of 1.7 million times a day.

BBC Box Sets Outside UK

Peaky Blinders has been a particular hit, clocking up more than 8m requests so far. Viewers only have a few days left if they want to watch more of the special shows. Read below to find out how to watch BBC Box Sets outside UK. The record BBC iPlayer figures come on top of strong viewing figures for BBC One’s Christmas Day TV, with 9.6 million watching Call the Midwife on TV, 9 million seeing Mrs Brown’s Boys Christmas Special, and more than 8 million tuning in to see the Strictly Christmas Special and EastEnders.

BBC Box Sets Outside UK

The most popular show on BBC iPlayer over the whole festive period (18-31 December) was the EastEnders Christmas Day episode, which saw 1.6 million requests as tragedy struck the Branning family on the roof of the Queen Vic. EastEnders has nine episodes in the top 20, which also saw strong showings for the Apprentice final, the finale of Peaky Blinders fourth series, Doctor Who’s Twice Upon a Time special and the Mrs Brown’s Boys Christmas special.

How to watch BBC Box Sets Outside UK

When you load BBC iPlayer in the USA, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal, Australia, Dubai, Canada etc. you will get an error message.

BBC iPlayer TV programmes are available to play in the UK only.

Watch BBC Sport outside UK

This is basically because their streaming services are geoblocked based on the IP address being used to access it. You must be a UK domestic web user to access BBC live tv streaming and catchup with BBC iPlayer.

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