Working From Home? VPN More Important Than Ever During Coronavirus Lockdown

The Covid-19 global pandemic has impacted our lives in ways unimaginable just a few weeks ago. The Coronavirus lockdown has led to a surge of interest in using a VPN.

With office-based staff around the world required to work from home as a result of COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, the past few weeks has seen VPN usage rise rapidly in order to secure their remote working environment.

coronavirus business vpn

Liberty Shield’s encrypted VPN network has seen a global traffic increase of almost 150% since lockdown procedures were implemented around the world, with many employees working from home for the first time ever.

A business VPN allows employees to securely connect to corporate and cloud-based networks in order to send and receive files, data and applications from anywhere; which in most cases is currently people’s houses or apartments.

  • Unlimited Global Access – Anywhere, Anytime
  • Access Corporate Data Securely — Military Grade 256bit Encryption
  • Guaranteed Internet Privacy (Zero Logging)
  • Easy-to-Use Client Applications
  • Cost-Effective Delivery
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • High Scalability
  • Reduced Latency
  • Priority Support (365 Days)

The biggest growth in employee business VPN has taken place in The Netherlands, Canada and Austria where VPN usage has shot up by more than 200%. Usage in France, Belgium, Spain and Denmark have also seen significant growth in business VPN usage, with an increase in traffic of more than 100% in all 4 countries.

In the United States and the United Kingdom, where business VPN was already fairly common before Coronavirus, there has been a network usage jump of 66% (USA) and 48% (UK) respectively. As the importance of encrypting internet connections becomes more common place, and COVID-19 restrictions in the USA and UK are set to match other counties; it is anticipated that numbers may surge further.

covid-19 business vpn

Whilst VPN is playing an important role in allowing employees to continue their jobs whilst working from home, in turn slowing down the spread of COVID-19; it is important to ensure you are connected to encrypted VPN on all the devices you might need to work from.

Liberty Shield offer simple to install encrypted business VPN apps for all popular remote working devices; including Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad or Android – and you can get the service FREE for 48 hours and then from only £8.99 per month..

Plus, for greater simplicity in connecting your devices we also offer a popular range of pre-configured VPN Routers from only £12.99, with Worldwide Shipping available.  Connecting to a VPN Router is as simple as connecting to any WiFi network, and once connected your device will instantly benefit from VPN encryption.

remote working business vpn

With many people likely to be working from home for the first time, the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has issued security advice on using VPN services and remote working in order to help businesses and their employees stay safe from cyberattacks.

Their advice includes recommendations for staff to use effective passwords and, where possible, multi-factor authentication; in order to reduce the prospect of cyber criminals being able to gain access and compromise accounts.

It’s not just a UK centric recommendation though; and ENISA (the European cybersecurity agency) has also published guidelines on working from home securely.

Based near Edinburgh in Scotland, Liberty Shield has been offering VPN services for businesses since 2008.  With a fanatical approach to customer service, our Helpdesk is open 365 days per year; and operated by real people – no bots our automated jargon in sight!

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