VPN Connected – 4 Situations when your VPN should always be switched on

In a world where digital footprints can be found anywhere, there are some circumstances when you should always have your VPN connected.

Ideally, you should have your VPN on all of the time.  VPNs are what keep you safe from snooping, hacks, and people trying to steal your data.  When using a VPN all of your information is encrypted and therefore cannot be accessed by anyone else; it keeps your location hidden too, so no one will know where you are browsing from.  However, there are some key times where it is extra beneficial to keep your VPN on. Fun Fact: VPN Connected is one of the most searched phrases on Google.

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When you are sharing sensitive data – VPN Connected

The best way to gauge whether you are sharing sensitive data is to ask yourself how you would feel if a complete stranger, potentially one with harmful intentions, were to get ahold of it.  This type of information is generally payment information, passwords and personal information about yourself such as your address or email.  When you don’t use a VPN, hackers can access all of this information, but when you use one no one can see anything that you do.


When you want to connect to Public WiFi – VPN Connected

The important thing is always to remember that public wifi networks are not secure, making it infinitely easier for hackers to see your information.  Using public wifi without a VPN means anything you share is up for grabs and can be used, but through using a VPN you can be assured that no one can access your information.


When you want to access higher internet bandwidth – VPN Connected

Many people are not aware that their internet providers are able to intentionally slow down your internet – they often do this to cope with high-demand users such as gamers, meaning that if you are doing certain things online they may target you for these purposes.  This means that using a VPN significantly lowers your chances of having your bandwidth slowed.


When you want to view content that is not available in your country – VPN Connected

Depending on where you live, you may have a lot of content that you want to view but cannot due to internet restrictions.  Using a VPN means that you can view content that is not available in your country, by choosing to browse from a server elsewhere.  This means that you can browse freely and with peace of mind while accessing any content that you want.


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Get Your VPN Connected Now

There are many different VPN services to choose from in order to achieve these benefits, and not all will offer the same wide range of bonuses.  It is important to choose a service that is going to offer the best security.

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