VPN Life Hacks – Ways of using VPNs you may not considered

Saving Money and Changing Locations – The Best VPN Life Hacks you may not have thought of before.

By now, we all know the ways in which VPNs can be used for protecting our privacy when online; the tool is famously an excellent way to keep your data and browsing activity completely secure and protected.  VPNs hide your IP address, meaning that even your service provider cannot see anything that you are doing. For many VPN users, this is the only thing that they use them for, and while they are highly effective at doing this, there are plenty more interesting ways that a VPN can be used.  This article will help you to get the most out of your VPN by sharing their many benefits with you, that you may not have thought about before. Fun Fact: VPN Life Hacks is one of the most searched phrases on Google.

VPN Life Hacks
Use a VPN to Save Money – VPN Life Hacks

A little known fact about VPNs is that they are a highly effective way to save money on various services and products.  We know what you’re thinking – how can a VPN possibly save me money on services?  Well, there are many ways, the most prominent perhaps being that it can save you money on flights.  Prices of flights vary in different currencies, and can also increase when the company can detect how many times you have viewed the page.

A VPN can make it appear as if you are browsing from a country where the flight rates are lower – simply pick a server in that country!

This same trick applies when you are booking hotels, accommodation and car rentals as well!

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Use a VPN to Access Public Wifi Hotspots in other countries – VPN Life Hacks

When travelling abroad it can be very tempting to connect to public wifi networks to avoid using up your mobile phone data, but this can be risky because these networks are not secured, and therefore any information you provide while using them can very easily be hacked.  Using a VPN, however, solves this problem completely: you can connect to public wifi networks, but also make sure that all of your information and activity cannot be hacked.  Using a VPN disguises all of your data, so that even if you were hacked, no one would be able to make sense of your information!

Use a VPN to make sure you are shopping at the best prices – VPN Life Hacks

Something that the majority of online shoppers do not realise is that they could be getting charged a different rate to someone shopping in a different location.  This is something that happens all the time, and could result in you being overcharged for an item based solely on your location.  Start by clearing your browser cookies, and then launch your VPN and switch to a server in a different country.  Try this a few times and see if you can find the item for a better price!

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Start Using VPN Life Hacks Today

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