VPN Myths Debunked

How do you know what to believe? Liberty Shield walk you though the most common VPN Myths.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) services are used in almost every country in the world right now, but the technology isn’t as understood as it should be considering how long it has been around. With the growing threat of cyber hacks, data leaks and growing concerns for personal internet safety, it’s surprising that there are a great number of myths that surround VPNs and are far too often believed by users.

At Liberty Shield, we have created a unique list to cut through the noise and set the story straight on what is a VPN Myth, and what is a VPN Truth.

VPN Myth – A Free VPN is as good as a Paid VPN

Truth – If you have experienced both a free VPN and a paid VPN, you will have experienced a clear difference between the security, speed, reliability and brand trust. Having your anonymity and security preserved for the sake of paying a small amount a month is nothing compared to the core values of a VPN service being undermined to generate money through a reduced, free service. (Paid VPN vs Free VPN)


VPN Myth – VPN Services Throttle Internet Speeds

Truth – Speed while using a VPN service only crawls to a snail’s pace when the provider is using a small number of cramped servers for their clients. If providers are using outdated protocols and services this can have a detrimental impact on speeds. The basis of any good VPN service and the provider is having an emphasis on a speedy data transfer. Generally it will be your Internet Service Provider (ISP) who is traffic shaping or throttling speed on common VPN ports.


VPN Myth – VPN Is Only For People In the Tech Industry

Truth – Most VPNs on the market these days are user friendly for people of all technical ability. The average user of a VPN doesn’t need vast technical knowledge of end to end encryption, double VPNs or kill switches. VPNs can have you up and running on secure servers within seconds of launching the app.


VPN Myth – Using a VPN Means You Have Something To Hide

Truth – VPNs give the power of complete privacy back to the users and away from corporations who want to gather customer data to make profit on. Anyone can be a target of a data breach, or a personalised attack by hackers – but using a Virtual Private Network protects data and devices from exposure to malicious attacks.


VPN Myth – Only Criminals Use a VPN

Truth – There are plenty of benefits and practical, legal uses for using a VPN. Journalists and researchers use a VPN to get around Geo-Blocked websites, and online shoppers use VPNs to secure their online payment transactions when they are typing in bank details online. They really are for everyone.


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VPN Myths – Still On The Fence?

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